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Vol. 15 (54) № 1. 2002


Karpinsky Y., Lyashchenko A.
Ways of Becoming of a National Infrastructure of the Spatial Data that of Integration of Ukraine in World Geoinformation Space
The estimation of a condition of sphere of geoinformation resources of Ukraine is carried out and the basic ways of creation of a national infrastructure of the spatial data of Ukraine as priority direction of the program of development of land activity and national mapping in Ukraine are determined from 2002 to 2010. Participation of Ukraine in international projects MapBSR and Global Mapping is covered.

Lichorud N.G., Seredinin E.S., Dyadyun V.U., Koslitin V.E., Sulenko A.I.
Standard of the Geographic Data Bases of the Ukrainian Automatic State Land Cadastre (realization for ESRI ArcGIS 8.x) (preversion)
Objective UML-model of the geographic data bases for the Ukrainian automatic state land cadastre realization for ESRI ArcGIS 8.x.

Karpenko S.A.
Regional Geoinformation System
Regional geoinformation infrastructure is necessary element of the regional spatial management system. It allows to motivation for the particulars and stages of the GIS-technology realization in the regional management system.

Moiseenko A. Ryzhenko O., Saltovets O., Sorom V.
Electronic Map of Ukraine Scale 1 : 200 000
At September 2001 ICEC was finished the work of creating the electronic map of Ukraine scale 1 : 200 000. The digital materials, developed by Science-cartographic centre of Military topographyc, was used as topographic base. The methodological and technological features of electronic map's creating and using in ArcSDE-technology and ArcGIS- software tools are described. The main accent devoted to practice use of ArcGIS last achievement, like GeoDatabase, CASE Tools, UML-diagrams, for applied and technological problem's solution and working with big information content.

Ananiev Sergey N., Moisejenko Alexandr A.
The Digital Model of a Relief of Ukraine scale 1 : 200 000. The Methodical and Technological Aspects of Creation
The methodical and technological aspects of creation of digital model of a relief of Ukraine as component of the State electronic map of Ukraine are described. Digital models of a relief, with the given accuracy describing spatial position (height) and structure of a terrestrial surface as continuous phenomenon, serve highly as technological means of representation of a relief and can be used for the decision of the broad audience of the problems(tasks) connected to studying of territorial systems. Together with an electronic cartographical basis digital models of a relief are base for creation GIS of the state and regional levels.

Palekha Y.N.
Geographic Features of the Regional Land Rent Formation in Ukrainian Cities
In the article the geographic features of the regional land rent formation in Ukrainian cities are described. The problems of influencing on the regional land rent of geographic and infrastructural components are reviewed. The differentiation of Ukrainian cities on rental amounting is made.

Kurenkov V.O.
Using GIS in Agriculture as Main Direction for Informational Support of Making Decisions
Arcticle show various abilities of usage GIS in agriculture.

Kobets N.I.
Application of Remote Sensing Data in Pricision Farming Systems
The peculiarities of formation of vegetation spectral signatures and informational potential of remote sensing methods for crop conditions evaluation are concidered. The role of remote sensing data in precision farming is discussed.

Fedorovsky A.D., Ryabokonenko S.A., Ryabokonenko A.D.
Remote Sensing Methods for Research Urban Agglomeration
Possibility of using of Remote Sensing methods for research Urban Agglomeration

Fedorovsky A.D., Yakimchuk KG., Ryabokonenko S.A., Ryabokonenko A.D.
Markov's Methods Adaptation for Classification of Landscape Complexes According to Space Shooting
Possibility of using of Markov models of images is considered at a decoding of polyzonal space pictures of landscape complexes to structural - textural indications. The comparative estimation of various approaches to construction of Markov models of images and results of practical decoding space pictures of landscape complexes are submitted.

Slusarenko A.N., Gritsenko A.P.
Index Maps Forming is the Base for the Cadastre
The main problems of index maps forming.

Ischuk O.
Methodological Peculiarities of GIS Analytical and Modeling Tools Application for Prediction and Evaluation of Emergency Situations Consequences in Ukraine Evaluation of spatial distribution and consequences of emergency situations is substantially determined by prognostic algorithm selection and by existence of detailed terrestrial information. The last one in turn is limited as by capabilities of existent data collection and monitoring systems as by comprehensiveness and actuality of digital maps of territories of interest. This paper is devoted in particular to methodological aspects of prognostic-modeling complexes for evaluation of consequences of emergency situations on the territory of Ukraine.

Stadnikov V.V.
Geographic Information System Engineering Network and Communications in Odessa Merchant Sea Port
In this paper the formatting about development and operation Geographic information system engineering network and communications in Odessa merchant sea port.

Nemchinov Ju.I., Khavkin A.K., Krivosheyev P.I.
Applying GIS-Technologies for Creating of the "Shelter" Object Construction Models
Into framework of fulfilling of the "Sarcophagus" Project realizing since 1998 under initiative of Germany and France, NIISK performs the works to represent of information regarding building constructions of the Chernobyl NPP "Shelter" Object .The scope of work covers creating of the initial Database (DB) in MS Access environment, which includes verified Data concerning state of building constructions of the premises and structures erected after accident. Arcview GIS is applied as a navigator for searching of information in DB using various links.

Kanaev A.O.
Geographical Nets
The issues of the creation and geographical nets technologies.

Bokov B.A. Karpenko S., Luchak A.I.
The Program of the Model of the Spatial-Temporary Organization of the Crimean Geosystems Based on the GIS-Technologies
The author presents the spatial and temporary units-space-times, their integration and condition. The program of the model of the spatial-temporary organization of the Crimean geosystems based on the GIS-technologies was described.

Lagodina S.E.
The Play of the Informational Technologies in Regional Informatization Programs
The play and goals of the informational system in the regional informatization programs; the main types of the management solutions using GIS-technologies; the methodology of the inventarization of the information resources of the spatial management subjects.

Luchak A.I.
Using GIS-Technologies for Estimations of the Geoecological Situation
The main principles and approaches for estimations of the geoecological situation using GIS- technologies and the examples of the realization for the Crimea.

Bobra Т.V.
Spatial Analysis of the Forest Biocoenosis of the South-East Mountain Crimea Using GIS-technologies for the Forest Management
Applying GIS-technologies for spatial analysis and forest biocoenosis mapping; calculation of the morphometric and morphological indexes.

Vakrusheva L.P. Epikchin D.V.
Methodical Aspects of Using of Geographical Information Systems for Geobotanic Mapping of Urban Areas
In this paper the ability of using of GIS-technologies in geobotany and some problems of it are described. Also a number of suggestions for such investigations and its value are offered.

Rudyk A.N.
Geoecological Approaches to Creation of the Municipal Geographical Information System of Simferopol
In the article the choice of spatial units of basic map of municipal GIS on the base of urban landscapes is grounded. The requirements for indices that characterize the effectiveness of urban landscapes functional using and ecological situation in the city are considered.

Karpenko S., Evstafyeva H., Gluchenko I.
Using Geoinformation System for Calculation and Mapping of Critical Loads for Different Ecosystem
The questions of the using geoinformation system for calculation and mapping of critical loads for different ecosystem of Europe and Ukraine are considered.

Oliferov A.N., Ogorodnik I.N.
Geoinformation Motivation for the River Basin Management System (example r.Voron)
Local geoinformation system "Basin r.Voron" (south-east Crimea) was worked out. The authors present the examples of the electronic maps using for scientific and practical goals.