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Vol. 15 (54) № 2. 2002



Bagrov N.V.
Ukrainian Geography on the Bound of the Third Millennium
Basic peculiarities of geography development in the new social-economic conditions of development of Ukraine are considered.

Pozachenyuk K.A.
Geoexpertise is the New Trend of Constructive Geography
Establishment of geoexpertology as a new scientific direction of constructive geography is grounded.


Bagrova L.A.., Bokov V.A., Garcusha L.J., Lychak A.I. and Pozachenyuk K.A.
Ways of Ecologization of Tourism
In the article the necessity of ecologization of all technological processes, including recreational activity is proved. The problems of ecologization of tourism are considered, the ways for its realization on an example of the Crimean peninsula are offered.

Dragan N.A.
Geoecological Fundamentals of Adaptive-Landscape Agriculture System and its Prospects in Crimea
In the article the analysis of geoecological factors that provide for basing of adaptive-landscape agriculture system is expounded The missing links in the system of necessary scientific information are displayed The rational ways for adaptive-landscape agriculture system realization in Crimea are defined

B.A. Vakhrushev
Routing of Underground Waters of High-Mountainous Massifs of Western Caucasus
The experience routing of underground waters high-mountainous karst of the massif Bzybsky on Western Caucasus is described. The complicated internal hydro-geological structure of a massif is revealed.

Karpenko S., Lagodina S.
Approaches for Creation of the Interbranch Spatial Distribnted Databases of the Regional Administration
The authors show the basic functions of the Interbranch Spatial Distributed Databases as informational heart of Executive Authority and Local Administration and also organizational and structural principles of the database of the region.

Siric V.F.
Influence of the Irrigation on the Landscapes Crimean Presivashye
For the first time using as an example of the dark-chestnut soil Crimea it allowed to determine by experiment the vertical dynamics of the quantitative and qualitative structure of the salts in connection with irrigation, them with waters of different mineralization. On the basis of the consequent, time research of horisontal salt migration the landscape-geochemical regions of the researched territory were marked.


Podgorodetsky P.D., Bagrova L.A.
Physics-Geographical Factors of Organization of Winter Rest and Sport in Crimea Mountains
In article are considered the needs and nature protection restrictions of development of winter rest and sports in Crimea mountains. In spite of existence some conditions for development of winter rest and sports in a number of places of mountain Crimea there are many limitations for mass recreation. There are ecological problems and insufficiency of recreation resources.


Amelichev G.N.
Methods of the Morphological and Genetic Analysis of Adjournments of Fragments and Geographical Explanation of their Results (on an example of a massif Chatyrdag, Mountain Crimea)
The analysis of accommodation of adjournments of fragments of Chatyrdag and reconstructed situation of the ancient river is given.

Slepokurov A.S.
Geoecological Bases of Elaboration by Tourism's Strategy in Crimea
There is the strategy of tourism's development in Crimea on the basis of the geoecology's ideas in article. The assessment of influence of miscellaneous kinds of tourism on an environment is working. The alternatives of overcoming of the territorial conflicts of miscellaneous types nature usage are demonstrated.

Sadikova G.E.
Ecological Situation of the Apron Plane r. Salgir in the Microdistrict v. Pionerskoye
Summary: At ecological mapping of a habitation microdistrict v. Pionerskoye in apron plain r. Salgir the violations in the ambient environment which has built an ecological dangerous situation are detected.

Ogorodnic I.N.
Structure of Monitoring System of Unfavorable Natural Processes in the Crimea
The article is considered to peculiarities structure of monitoring system of unfavorable natural processes on example of Voron river basin that is typical for South-East of the Crimea.

Oliferov A.N., Davydov A.V.
The Features of Database Formation of CIS «Rivers of the Crimea»
Hydrological materials of the Crimean rivers were treated by computer methods. Supposed logical and physical database structure of geoinformation system «River of the Crimea» and control system of database «Dialogue».


Golovko O.N.
Consideration of the Ecological Component in the Content of School-Disciplines of Natural Sciences Cycle
The analysis of educational standards and school disciplines of natural sciences cycle is submitted and their ecological potential is elicited. The inter-subject relations of ecological content are demonstrated.


Yena, V.G., Yena, Al.V., Yena, An.V.
Plant Geographer E.V.Wulf as Explorer of Crimea (on the 115-th anniversary of birthday)
In this paper, scientific activity of E.V. Wulf as distinguished plant geographer, professor at the Tavricheskiy university and creator of «Flora of Crimea» is investigated.

Ved I.P., Kovalenko I.M.
Scientific Legacy of Crimean Climatologist A. V. Penyugalov (to 70 years of book edition «Climate of Crimea. Attempt of climatic districts division»)
In the article authors bring brief biographical information about A. V. Penyugalov and analyze his works about Crimean climate, microclimatology, hydrology and Crimean climatic districts division.