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Vol. 16 (55) № 1. 2003


Kuzmina O.M.
Typology of Centers and Regions of Localization of Foreign Economic Relation of the Crimean Mezoregion
The typology of cities-centers and regions of Crimea on their role in foreign economic relation are examined, that allows leave on the forecast both branch, and territorial changes in an economic complex of the Crimean mezoregion. Not one tag, and their system (history, geographic position, function) is trusted to in the basis of typology.

Aristov M.V.
The Representative Morphostructural Positions of Fields and Developments of Mineral Waters in Podillya
The fields and developments of mineral waters in Podillya are demonstrated to be dated for morphostructures of the determined types - ring structures, places of intersection valleys by faults, structural units.

Baranov L.P.
Ring Structures (Structures of the Central Type) of Crimea Territory
In the article the analysis of the map of of territory of Crimea is given. For the first time the plastics of relief method for revealing of ring structures in Crimea is used.

Bezverchnuk T.N., Demchenco V.V.
Nature-Economic Frame: The Project of the GIS-Technological Analysis
In a paper the approach to creation of the computer cartographical database and attributive knowledge base of natural, natural-economic and geoactive components of the geosystem is considered with the purpose of detection, analysis and evaluation of frame structures of a different origin.

Bereznytska N.O.
Phytogenetic Coasts of the Dniestrovskiy Liman
The given investigation was elaborated by forwarding researches, which allow to determine geomorphologic conditions of the formation phytogenetic coasts. The impact of phytogenetic factor to development, morphology and dynamic of the Dniestrovskiy liman's coasts are various. Belt of the vegetation decrease of wave action, promote accretion of sediments (muddy and sand), is reason of phytogenetic beaches formation.

Berkovich O.O., Suchkov L.A.
Ecological and Geochemical Characteristic of the North-Western Black Sea Shelf
Peculiarity of concentration and distribution of 26 microelements within bottom landscapes of the NW shelf of Black Sea have been considered. Characteristics of geochemical migration within Upper Quaternary sediments and extent of ecological risk have been determined.

Varivoda A.V., Varivoda Е.A.
Assessment of Nature and Technical Available Wind Power Potential of Ukraine Relatively the Choice of Plots for Wind Power Station Planning
There is an assessment of the natural and technologically accessible wind potential of Ukraine, according to the choosing of the lots for the wind farms planning. The authors determine the plots that are the most favorable for their arrangement for the wind farms.The basic method of the territory investigation is the processing of high massive of time and spatial information on the wind structure in the near land troposphere using the meteorological data.

Vakhrushev I.B.
Seysmogravitation Structure of the Tissovoe Gorge on Chatirdag(Crimea)
In the article the one of the largest seysmogravitation structures the Tissovoe gorge on Chatirdag mountain massive is considered. The description is given, the conclusion concerning the nature of structure and ecological value is made.

Vaschenko N.I.
Ecological Conflictivity in Territorial Organization of the River Basin (Chernaya river as example)
Some theoretical aspects of territorial organization of river basin are given in this article. The map of cores of ecological conflictivity was created.

Velychko S.A.
Analysis of Solar and Wind Energy Potential of Ukraine
In article the nature-resources preconditions of solar and wind power engineering complex development are examined. Space-time distribution of summary solar-wind energy potential on Ukraine territory is investigated. The expediency of complex application solar and wind installations for flexible use of their potential is proved.

Voronin I.N., Shvets A.B.
Informational Resource of Ukraine: View of the Social Geographers
In article the structure of the informational resource is described. This is a new variety of the territorial complex. The definition of the terms "informational and tele communicational complex" (ITC), "informational and resonance complex", "form", "press-image" is given. The economic and geographic characteristics of the ITC of Ukraine are considered.

Vorovka V.P., Kolomiychuk V.P.
Problems and Perspectives of Creation of the Along Coastal Azov Sea Eco Corridor of the Northern Near-Azov Sea Territory
The article deals with the neccessity of creation and importance of ecological corridors in the steppe zone of the northern Near-Azov Sea Territory by example of along coastal zone of Azov Sea. The role of nature protecting laws and objects of nature-reservation fund in the formation of ecological corridors determinited. The geographical and biological representativity of the territory as basis for ecological corridors creation is shown.

Grebnyev A.N.
Some Aspects of the Natural Conditionally of A Road and Transport Accident Rate of Crimea
In the article the influencing on a road and transport accident rate of such poorly studied factors, as wave space resonances and geo fissile patterns of a landscape is esteemed.

Ivanova A.V.
Spatial Particularity of Soil Anti Erosion Stability Characteristics
In the article the specifications of spatial distribution of soil cohesion, as characteristics of capability of soils to resist to erosion, are considered. The analysis of field measurements data in Crinichki of Odessa (forest and step zone) district are made.

Isaenko О.V.
Climate Peculiaraties of Inner Ridge of Crimean Mountains: Basic Characteristics
This article is dedicated to general characteristic of climate of Internal ridge of the Crimean mountains.

Lukianenko E.A.
Microclimate of Carst Caves as a Regulator of Recreation Capacity of the Tourist-Recreational Speleocomplexes
In the article the peculiarity of microclimate of excursion cave – speleocomplex "Mramornaya Cave" (Marmor Cave) on the Chatyrdag massif in the Crimean Mountains is considered. The degree of dependence of caves recreation capacity from definite microclimate features is analyzed.

Pankeeva Т.V.
Methods of Geo Ecological Expertise Conducting of Territory (on example of the Great Sevastopol)
The methods of geoecological expertise conducting are considered. For estimation of mechanism of compatibility of economic and nature subsystems of the Great Sevastopol territory the index of co-adaptation degree is used.

Rubtsova S.I.
Modern Sanitary-Ecological State of The Black Sea In Bay Kruglaya (Sevastopol region)
The questions of the modem state of heterotrophic microflora in coastal zone in seawater and bottom sediments of the bay Kruglaya (Sevastopol region).

Storchak O.V., Mishenina T.A., Nikylin V.V.
Ecological-Geological Researches in Areas of Perspective Industrial Development on the Ukrainian Shelf of the Black Sea  
On the basis of study of ground deposits of area, the natural associations of row of chemical elements in the deposits and their genesis are established.

Tamaychuk A.N.
About Alternative Schemes of the Dividing the World Ocean
The question about number of oceans now has not a monotonous decision. The standard schemes of the dividing the World Ocean often contradict by the scientific data. By the last a better correspond other schemes, remarkable, but more have taken into account the united nature of the World Ocean.

Tretyakov O.S.
Wastes of Agricultural-Industrial Complex: Spatial Aspect
The total value of wastes creation on Ukrainian oblasts, specific amount of wastes (tonnes/km2) were counted. The necessity of agricultural-industrial complex wastes as energetics resource is analyzed.

Tyuleneva N.V., Chepizhko A.V.
Ecological-Geology Mapping as Research Method of Recreation Territories
The main ecological-geology task is to define the level of man-caused pollution of recreation territories. The ecological-geology methods that allow to define environment state are used to allocate such territories. Among them is ecological-geology mapping, landscape analysis, environment monitoring. As the main result of ecological-geology mapping appears the earmarking for territories depending on level of geological environment changing and corresponding recommendations for rational nature management.

Zurkan O.I.
Landscape Structure Territory of Mouth of the River (on example of Small Adgaliek mouth of the river)
The task of our research is the learning of typological (mapping) of differences of landscapes that will allow to realize organization of territory in view of it landscape-typological of differences, i.e. to achieve rather durables stability of anthropogenous landscapes, saving their natural equilibrium and item of information up to a minimum of processes destructions both separate natural components and landscape in whole.

Cheglazova M.Ye.
Problems of the Job Placement in the Crimean Regional Labour-Market
This article is about the basic types of job placement. The territorial aspect this problem for example Crimean regional labour-market is analyzed. The basic particular features of official and private structures of job placement are determined.

Yalovol P.V.
Alternative Energy and Energy Saving in Household Activities Ukraine
Questions on irrational use of traditional energy are considered. The article is devoted to consideration of a today's situation in sphere of alternative power use in a life and energyused in a life efficiency level increases. In article measures that can promote achievement of this purpose on the states level and level of the energy consumers are proposed.

Yatsentyuk Yu.V.
Optimization of the Vinnitsa Town Landscape-Technical Systems
The main directions of optimization of the Vinnitsa town landscape-technical systems are considered.

Zakharchenko V.I.
The Market Transformations and Changes at the Forms of Industrial Organization of Special Industrial-Territorial Systems
The forms of industrial organization of some kinds of industrial-territorial systems are defined. On the example of regional sugar-beet processing complex the changes in territorial concentration as a form of industrial organization of special industrial-territorial systems are analyzed.