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Vol. 17 (56) № 2. 2004



Palekha Y.N.
Application of GIS-Technologies Usage in Monetary Estimation and Territorial Planning of Ukrainian Cities 
In the article the general laws of a monetary estimation influence on territorial development of Ukrainian cities are described and basic approaches to perfection of monetary estimation methodology are offered. The economic-geographical factors influencing formation of cost of the city lands and their monetary estimation are investigated. The most modern technologies used in town-planning projects at creation and actualization of thematic town-planning maps are covered.

Zorin S.V., Kartavtsev O.M., Kovnatskiy P.S., Myhailovska M.V.
The Creation of Ecological Map Book of Kyiv City Using ESRI GIS Technologies Summary: in this paper the methods of the creation of ecological Map Book of Kyiv city using ESRI GIS technologies are described. Several maps represent environmental conditions of the city.

S.Bogun, S. Zorin, O. Kartavtsev, O.Turos
Spatial Analyze of the Pollution of Atmospheric Ground Layer Air Pollution in Zaporozhe Using ArcView GIS in the Practice of the Human Risk Assessment
In this paper the use of GIS technologies for the human risk assessment on the example of the inhalation way of dangerous pollutants distribution. There are also presented maps and tables of Zaporizhya, where the dangerous pollutant concentrations in the certain points is detected. It allows to solve the task of quontative assessment of the exposition and affecting dose characteristics.
Zorin S.V., Kartavtsev O.M., Kovnatskiy P.S.
The Experience of Ecological-Geographical Database of Reserved Objects of Kyiv City Elaboration Level
Summary: in this paper described the creation of ecological-geographical data base of reserved objects of Kyiv city. The goal of the project is to present the results of the Botanic Institute of the National Academy of Ukraine work and to create an automatic system of the Kyiv city natural-reserved found cadastre.

Epikhin D.V.
Geoinformation Supply of Management's System of Vegetation in Simferopol
Annotation: The author shows the GTS abilities for spatial management system accounting the floristic aspect. There are the maps of the anthropogenic transformation and the main land use types of the green planting.

Neposhivalenko N.A., Karpenko О.A.
The Composition of the City Map with the Underground Water Level and Municipal Management for this Level
The summary: the article adduced the composition of the industrial city drowning map by the scale of 1:10000, computer program ArcView and analytical levels of underground water. The municipal system for managing with GIS of the some dangerous environmental occurrences was offered also.

Palekha Y.N., Shypulin V.D.
Analysis of Population Density Distribution of the Largest City with the Help of GIS-Technologies
The summary: in article new approaches of population density distribution of largest city with the help of GIS-technologies are described.

Stadnikov V.V., Shpilevoy A.A.
Using GIS Technology in Town Electric Lighting Facilities Level
Summary: in this article is described possibility GIS network (GIS systems of the town networks externally illuminations)

Stadnikov V.V., Shpilevoy A.A., Lozinskiy A.E.
The Experience of the Introduction GIS Technology in Water - a Sewage Facilities Level
Summary: In this article is described experience of the introduction information-reference systems on the base GIS technology for engineering and technical services enterprise water-sewage facilities.

Barladin A.
Geo Information Systems for Central Administrative Boards of Extreme Situations and Internal Affairs of Cities
The particularies of created by Institute of Advanced Technologies Multilevel Geo information Systems for Municipal Departments of Ministry of Emergency and Ministry of International Affairs have been explained. These systems are for solving of the special tasks of modeling, data recording and analyzing, managing by subordination of different Departments, introducing of the results. The methods of main algoritms are described.


Lyalko V.I, Popov M.A., Zubko V.P., Ryaboronenko A.D.
Current State and Perspectives of Remote Sensing of the Earth in Ukraine
The summary: the base principles of remote sensing of the earth and its place in sciences about the Earth are reviewed. Particular peculirities and perspectives of remote sensing development in Ukraine analysed.

Sozinov A.A., Shtepa Yu.N., Prydatko V.I.
Agrosphere as a Target for Studying Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Improve Territorial Development Management and Biodiversity Conservation
On the basis of a new 2002 remote sensing data, MODIS, ULRMC developed an approach to study the dimension, mosaic and changes of agrosphere surface. The new maps on agrosphere surface and density of land cover classes of scale of 1:2,000,0000 were prepared. The evaluated agrosphere area was 64% and non-agrosphere - 36%. Taking into account that the surface of agrosphere dominates, its exclusion from the map of land classes is a key methodological moment in developing a map on land cover classes diversity needed to study the agrosphere biodiversity. In this article the authors discuss the issues on agrosphere crisis risks, factors of influence, indication, indicators and indicative species selection.

Kononov V.I., Stankevich S.A.
Digital Aerospace Images with High and Low Resolution Informativity Comparative Evaluation
Summary: Digital aerospace snapshots with various spatial resolution informativity evaluation was formulated. The possibility of informativity increasing for snapshots with lower resolution is justified for the certain problems of remote sensing.

Stadnikov V.V., Shpilevoy A.A., Stepovaya O.Yu., Piskareva I.A.
Using Cosmic Removal Material for Actualization Municipal GIS Reference System of the Odessa Level
Summary: In this article is generalised practical experience of the introduction to technologies to actualizations to cartographic information on example of the creation municipal GIS reference town system Odessa on material of the cosmic removal.


Nesterenko О.V.
Use of Geoinformation Technologies for Maintenance of System of the Electronic Government Level
Summary: in this paper ways of maintenance of integration of information resources for support of information-analytical activity in authorities in conditions of functioning of system of the e-government are offered. Also creation of a corresponding subsystem of the e-government is determined on the basis of use of GIS-technologies.

Karpinskyy Y., Lyashchenko A.
Ways of Development of Standardization and Certification of the Geographical Information / Geomatics in Ukraine
Summary: Substantive provisions of the scientific and technical program of standardization of the geographical information / geomatics in Ukraine are resulted. Two are described prime harmonized the standard: terminology and reference model, which determine structure and rules of construction of standards in geomatics.

Karpinskyy Y., Lyashchenko A., Kibetc O., Ivanchenko S.
The Ukrainian Cartographical Network in Internet
Summary: The structure, technological decisions and information resources of an experimental Ukrainian cartographical network in Internet are described. Problems of marketing of geoinformation services in Internet are considered.

Ischuk A.A., Shvajko V.G., Kurbatskiy A.S.
Opportunities of the GIS Spatial Modelling for Estimation of the Lines Projected Communications Integrated Cost Level
Summary: The article show of the methodical features of spatial modelling for estimation of the objects of territory integrated cost by means of GIS raster analysis methods by the example of the project of center GIS Analyst at the choice of a line of Turkmenistan - Ukraine projected gas pipeline.

Maksymchuk M.M.
Botulism Lesions of the Ukrainians During the Period of 1991-2002 in the Landscape Zones Level
Summary: in this paper the correlation between natural factors and botulism wide spreading in Ukraine is described; there analyzed also the role of temperature conditions, soil structure which are the compounds of the landscape zones where the illness is registered.

Vatset E.E.
The Approaches of Geoinformation Data Base for Regional Econet Planning
The author analyses the main approaches of r regional econet planning using GIS- technologies, proposes the variant of the geoinformation data base of it.

Zgurkan O.I., Pozachenuk E.A.

Semi-Automatic System for Economic and Natural Coadaptation (for example Grigorijevskiy liman)
The authors study the electronic variants of the economic and natural coadaptation maps.

Kokhan S.S., Polishchuk L.P.
Creating Contiuous Surfaces from Point Data
Summary: Methods of spatial interpolation and possibility of their application are observed in the article.

Pishkin V.B., Tarasov Yu.E., Gromenko V.M., Evstafiev A.I., Ribka N.S.
GIS-Technology in Construction of the Ecological Model of the Crimea: Biscrim Project Level
An example of the GIS-technology application to the construction of the Crimean ecosystem's hierarchical model in the article is described.

Lychak A.I.
Geosensory - the New Branch in Geography
The article is devoted to controversial question - information geography development. The author presents the modern approaches to the term "information", the main GIS-modeling tendencies and also explanation of the new definition "geosensorica".

Karpenko S.A., Boldurev V.B., Egivom C.A., Senkevich A.V., Ugarov S.G.
The Main Approaches of Informational-Geographical Providing of Uniform Regional Data Bank
The author presents the methodical approaches for uniform regional data bank and integral data base classification developing.

Kobets М.I.
Informational Support of Insurance Business in Agro-Industrial Complex of Ukraine 
Present paper describes information-reference system on the base of ArcView 3.1 GIS. Examples of different reference visualization depending on type of source data and custom query form are given.