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Vol. 17 (56) 4. 2004



Bokov V.A.
The Space Model of Zonal Landscapes of Crimea
The summary: the idealized schema of spatial stratification of zonal landscapes in a field of effect of the Crimean mountains and peninsulas is elaborated.

Vakhrushev B.A.
The Principles of Classification Surface and Underground Forms of Karst Relief
The summary: the article represents the principles of classification surface and underground karst forms. The author presented new classification of karst forms relief.

Pozachenyuk E.A.
Crisis and Prospects of Development of Classic Landscape Science
The summary: the inner and outside processes of Geography development are considered. The ways out of classic Landscape Geography from crisis situation are designed.

Karpenko S.A.
Informational and Geographical Maintenance of Ecological Part of Regional Development’s Planning
The summary: the integral approach to excreting of ecological part of social economic development that includes the following blocks – natural resources, forming favorable habitat, industry and economy, organizational and legislative, social psychology is offered in this work. It also contains the substantiation of the structure of Crimean complex ecological program of development until 2025.

Bobra T.V.
A Spatial Stability Study of Landscape Systems of Crimea with Usage for the Purposes of Territorial Planning and Control
The summary: in the article the feasibilities of GISTECHNOLOGIES for the spatial analysis, estimation and mapping of stability landscape systems are rotined.


Shischenko P.G., Oliynyk Ya.B., Dmitruk O.Yu., Munich N.V.
Standards of Geographical Education in Ukraine: Global and Regional Dimension
The summary: the basic position of conception of high geographical education standard of Ukraine are considered.

Bagrova L.A., Bobra T.V.
The International Scientific Projects in Educational Process of the Students Ecologists Training
The summary: the experience of geo ecology chair of Taurida University on the international projects is generalized. Their value in perfection of educational process is marked.


imchenko Z.V.
Wter Discharges for Many Yers f the River Salgir and his Tributaries Zuya, Biuykkarasu, Kuchuk Karasu
he nalitik nnections for the lkulation of the wter discharges for many yers of the river Salgir and his tributaries Zuya, BiuykKarasu, Kuchuk Karasu re proposed. he rate f r flowing, the fficient variations nd the fficient smmetry re nsidered.

August N. Oliferov
The Laws of Formation of Mudflows in Crimea and Carpathians
The summary: the paper presents of laws of formation of mudflow torrents in mountain regions of the Crimea and Carpathians. An account is given of the combined method of studying the granulometric composition of mudflow deposits. The paper gives the triangular diagram and graphic of movement of large blocks in the mudflows.

Skrebets G.N., Agarkova-Lyah I.B.
Paragenetic Landscape Complexes of the Abrasionbay Ingression Beaches of the Crimea Black Sea Coast
The summary: in the article the type of paragenetic landscape complexes of the coastal zone is described. The major factors of landscape organization and function features of the complexes are determined, their landscape characteristic is given.

Ena V.G., Kuznetsov A.G., Lysenko N.I.
Geologic Monuments of Crimea, their Classification and Problems of Preservation
The summary: the classification of geologic monuments of Crimea and their recreational usage is esteemed. The new list of geologic monuments for the purposes of preservation and protection is offered.


Belayeva O.I.
The Problem of the Oil Pollution of the Storm Run Off on the Coast of Sevastopol Bay
The summary: the problem of the oil pollution of the soil and storm run off on the coast of Sevastopol Bay are discussed. That problem is a very important there is not the center of the cleaning of the downpour water in Sevastopol.

Vakhrushev B.A., Amelichev G.N., Vakhrushev I.B.
Ecological State and Prospects of Use of Natural Sanctuary Crimean South Coast «Red Stone»
Paper opens a cycle of works about natural sanctuaries of the Crimean peninsula. The description of the nature, ecological state of reserved object South coast «Red stone» is reconciled. The scientific justification of its borders is given.

Turega O.N.
Engineering Geological Situation of Region of Tuzla Island and Ecological Consequences of Dam Building in Kerch Strait
The building of a dam will change hydrological and lithodynamic conditions in Kerch Channel and it will result in the abrasion of Tuzla Island. Geological structure (sandy deposit) and the island in location of the island in the middle of the channel will further this process/ It is impossible to fix it in silt/ The only one natural factor – ground raising of this region – can prolong its existence. The destruction of the island is in progress at a rapid pace; it will lead to full abrasion in 10 years.

Dragan N.A.
Display of Degradation Processes in Soils Cover of Crimea
The summary: the analysis of factors that define the possibility of degradation processes development in soils of Crimea is shown. The “Geography of negative processes in soils cover of Crimea” map is presented.

Garkusha L.Ya., Sotskova L.M.
Transformation of Near Sivash Nature under Influence of Irrigation
The summary: some aspects of transformation of Near Sivash region nature as effect of irrigation are considered.

Sirik V.F.
Irrigating Agriculture in Crimea and Its Problems
The summary: Crimea is located in the zone that suffers from insufficiency of moisture. One of the characteristics of the zone is high level of warmth. By irrigating in dry zone the level of moisture rises to such sizes that can’t be met in natural conditions of Crimea. The article deals with the modern problems of irrigation of farming in the Crimea.

Irina N. Ogorodnik
The Science Metric Analysis of the Works of the Mudflows in Crimea and Carpathians
The summary: in article considered science metric analysis of the works of the mudflows in Crimea and Carpathians. The paper is illustrations chronological and cyclical graphical.

Karpenko I.N.
The Role of Green Plantations in Ecological Balance Ensure
The summary: the green plantations significance for cities and basic stages formation are described. Also the role of creation ecological carcass is marked.

Dublansky V.N.
Crimea and …Kungurskay Ice Cave
The summary: author presents the history of studing Kungurskay ice cave and its characteristic particularity.

Shorny S.G., Yergina .I.
Soil Genesis Potential of the Crimean Landscapes
The summary: geographical laws of power expenses size distribution for soil formation on the territory of the Crimean peninsula are determined in the work and the algorithm of soil on slopes formation calculation is given here in the view of bio energetical approach to soil formation process.


Malgin A.V.
Unity and Regionalism in Political Life of Modern Ukraine
Summary: The author explains the meaning of the phenomenon of Ukrainian “manysicled unity”. The factors stimulating the proposed reform on administrative and territorial division of modern Ukraine are being analyzed.

Efimov S.A.
Changes of Ethno Language Identification of Ukrainian Regions Population (1989 – 2001)
Regional peculiarities of ethno language identification of Ukrainian were analyzed on the bases of total census of population (1989 2001). The effect of “communicating vessels” under the changes of language identification of Russians and Ukrainians was described.

Karpenko S.A.
Regional Development Program Geographical Appliances
The structure and functions of geographical supplement of regional development programs are looked at, the scheme of functional zoning of Crimean territory for strategy’s perspective.

Strachkova N.V.
AR of Crimea in the System of Competitiveness Ukraine of the Market of Recreational Services of Black Sea Region
Summary: The article presents the results of analysis of competitive positions AR of Crimea in the market of recreational services of Black Sea region with use method of geo marketing research is made. The conformity of rating of competitiveness AR of Crimea at the international market of recreational services.

Chernoivanova E.N.
Government Support and Innovation Activity Importance in the Economic Development of Ukraine and its Separate Regions
The article deals with questions concerning government innovation activity being implemented at present. The main tasks facing the state are: quick motivation mechanism development and close integration of scientific technological complex into economic and social life and state governing bodies. Several principles for the state to participate in the innovation process are being identified in the article.


Zhuk N.V.
Ethnics Contacts in Modern Crimea
Summary: The territorial dynamics of interethnic contacts in Crimea in 1989-2001 was analyzed, and the ethno contacting zonation was fulfilled.

Kiselev S.N.
Crimean Russian Identity as an Ethnicpolitical Reality
Summary: In S.N.Kiselyov's article a question on existence of such ethno political phenomenon as the Crimean Russian identity for the first time is undertaken.

Kiseleva N.V.
Ethnic sociology Appreciation of Conflict Potential of Crimea
Summary: The article is devoted to sociologic research into national situation in Crimea. The present paper discusses some aspects of priority problems among Crimean Tatars and other nationalities. The author analyze the results of research and draw conclusion about causes of a national conflict in Crimea.

Kuznetsov M.V.
The Traditions in the Combination of Theory and Practice in the System of Preparation of Geographer in Tavrida National University
The main point of theoretical, empirical and didactic unity of geographer training in this work analyzed on example of students degree works/ This work describe sphere and levels of forming theoretic and practical sides of specialist.

Rovenchak I.I., Smolyaninov S.P.
Geospace Aspects of the Ethno Cultures Situation in the Autonomous Republic Crimea
We look geo cultures specifics of the ethnical consist population in the ARC by the results of the first all Ukrainian registration population in the 2001 year. We choose three general ethnos of the ARC Russians, Ukrainians and Crymchaks (crimean tatars). In addition to article we made three originals maps.

Shvets A.B.
Ethno Confessional Space of the Crimea
Annotation: the analysis of qualitative and quantitative parameters of modern ethno - confessional space of the Crimea has been carried out in this article. The main processes, which changed the ethnic, confessional and language situation in the post-Soviet Crimea have been identified. Possible reasons for socio-cultural conflicts have been defined.

Shevchuk A.G.
Regional Specialities of Modern Ethnoconfessial Processes in Crimea
The article examines the main factors, which form processes of ethnoconfessial contacts in modern Crimea. The problems of adaptation and integration of deported citizens into Crimean society are revealed. The role of information factor at the creation of “image of conflict Crimea” is analyzed. The estimate of probability of appearance of extremist religious groups of islamists in Crimea was done.

Shumsky V.M.
Ethnolandscape Adaptation in Crimean Region (within component analysis: ethno-relief)
The problem of ethno groups’ adaptation to different kinds of landscapes in various historic epochs was discovered. The peculiarities of Crimean region relied influencing on ethno groups settlements were revealed. The mechanism of ethnorelief system adaptation was cleared up. The main stages and types of Crimean region settlements were determined.


Abdullaeva Z.Z.
Repatriation as Socio-Geographical Phenomenon
The summary: In the article repatriation from a position socially economic geography is considered. The place of science in studying the given phenomenon is determined. The basic model territorial socially economic system of repatriation (TSESR) which reflects essence of the phenomenon as socially geographical is developed. Properties and functions of system on which means there is an influence on social development are revealed? the overall objective of activity TSESR – optimization socially a territorial complex of region of arrival is allocated. The factors influencing the development of system and determining the formation of two types of moving of repatriates – compact and disperse are considered. Key words: migration, repatriation, territorial socially economic system of repatriation, geosystem.

Galukh G.A., Sakhnova N.S.
Spatial and Temporary Aspects of Demographic Situation in the Crimea
The authors state the results of the analysis of demographic situation according to population census data of 1970, 1979, 1989, and 2001. Due to population of demographic processes the types of regions in the Crimea are given here.

Dzukova A.E., Sakhnova N.S., Galukh G.A.
Geographic Analysis of Tuberculouses Incidence in the Crimea
Epidemiological situation in regard to tuberculosis in the Crimea is analyzed. Figures on epidemiology are compared with the average figure in Ukraine. territorial differences of these figures in the Crimean region are presented. Structural peculiarities of the prevalence of tuberculosis in accordance with sex and age are considered. Functioning of the system of antituberculous medical and sanatoria and health resorts establishments is analyzed.

Kuzmina O.M.
Role of Cities – Centers of Localization of Foreign Economic Relations in for Med Economic Structure of  Crimea
Modern state of cities – centers of localization of foreign economic relations of Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and changes taking place in economic structure of Crimea influenced by foreign economic relations is esteemed.

Kuznetsov M.M.
The Formation of The System of Settlement of The Population in the Crimea under the Influence of Transport Factor
Local essence of transport economical factor of development of regional system of inhabited places is being analyzed, also process of forming and contemporary status of local systems of inhabited places of Crimea is being characterized.

Sazonova G.V.
Regional of Feature and Problems of Development of the Crimean Cities
The summary: in article regional features of peninsula are allocated and their influence on formation of territorial functional structure of cities is analyzed.

Sakhnova N.S., Galukh G.A.
Migration Mobility of the Crimean Population: Dynamics, Modern State, Problems
The significance of migratory process, its dynamics, the main direction of migratory flows, structural peculiarities of the population’s migrations according to its sex, age, educational level are considered in the article. The intraregional differences of the migratory process are presented.

Cheglazova M.E.
A Social and Economic Zoning of Terrain on an Example of Unemployment in Crimea
The summary: in the article the feasibility of a method of a zoning is reviewed at territorial differentiation of social and economic phenomena, on an example of unemployment in Crimea. The main (basic) features of a social and economic zoning of terrain are determined. The social and economic zoning of Crimea is conducted on the basis of confrontation of parameters (indexes) of unemployment and social protection of the population.


Voronin I.
Informational Area Crimea: View of the Geographer
Summary: this a article about term “informational area” and “informational & telecommunicational complex”, the structure of the informational & telecommunicational complex. Point to the economic and geographic characteristic of the ITC of Crimea.

Zhovnir S.
System of Services: Regional Differences of Consumership
The differences in services consuming in various regions of Ukraine are analyzed in the article. The specific features of territorial organization in system of services have been determined.

Kuznetsov M.V.
The Peculations of the Development of the Transport Means in the System if Social Organization in the Territory of the Crimea
Reasons of originating of structural and functional features and role of transport communications in system of society are being formulated? also contemporary territorial structure, problems and perspectives of development of transport in Crimea are being characterized.

Lagodina S.E.
Geoinformation Support of the Management for a Natural Economic Administration System
The author has presented the algorithm for optimization of the geo information support for management of a natural economic administration system.

Ozegova L.A.
Peculiarities Development of Agrarian Sphere in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea on the Edge of Millennia
Summary: In this paper opened fundamental peculiarities development of agrarian sphere in the AR of the Crimea on the edge of millennia.

Osadshiy D.
Features of Structure of Investment Investments in the Economy of Crimea
Alteration of economic complex of any region is impossible without bringing in of investments in volumes sufficient for the extended reproduction and set structural transformations. On the basis of analysis of dynamics of investing of ARK for the last 12 years the reasons of unsteady activity of investments are exposed. The specific of mastering of economic space of Crimea by foreign investors is described. The factors of origin of investment market in a region are exposed, his subject and subject basis of functioning is described .Ranging of districts and cities of ARK is produced. On the basis of analysis of the real investments in production and tied up with structural changes in the economy of region. Originality of structure of investments reproduction, of particular a branch and territorial in the economy of Crimea is exposed.

Romashchenko V.V.
Innovational Activity in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea: Geographical
Summary: the practical issues of the innovational activity development in the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea are described in the article. Moreover, territorial peculiarities of the innovational process in the region are considered.

Serduck A.M.
Estimation of Nature Geographical and Socioeconomic Factors of Agroindustrial Production Development
The factors are found out which define the distribution peculiarities, specialization, territory localization and the structural changes of agroindustrial production.

Chernysh .V.
Husbandry of Crimea: History Geographical Parallels
Annotation: There is a short character of the development of husbandry in the Crimea region in the chronological period from the end of XVIII and the beginning of XXI centuries was done in the article. On the basis of radical changes of the methods of management, the author has done both historical and geographical parallels which analyzed the periods of cycle development of husbandry in the Crimea in a structure of Tavrida region, Ukraine as a union republic as independent state.


Kiseleva A.S.
Image of Crimea in Holidaymakers Eyes
The article is about recreation image of Crimea in XVIII – XIX centuries forming. On the basis of the sociological research which has been lead in July, 2002 the author draws conclusions on changes in a developed recreational image of Crimea, occurred during XX century.

Kudinova L.A.
History Geographical Peculiarities of Sevastopol Image as a Region of Perspective Tourism Development
Annotation: in the article there are types of images, geographical image, analyzed existing images of Sevastopol and their influence on the recreational image of Sevastopol.

Pergat A.P.
Winemaking tourism there is a new direction in the tourism of Crimea
Summary: In this paper the winemaking tourism as example of Crimea are described and itineraries “Winemaking rings of Crimea” also are elaborated.

Radygina E.V.
Dynamics of Process of the Recreation Development of Crimea Territory (From 19 to a 21 Ages)  
Summary: In this article the basic stages of the recreation development of Crimea territory and also post-soviet transformation of this process are described. Author cards illustrate every stage.

Samulev A.A.
Attraction of Crimean Recreation Environment for Holidaymakers
Summary: The article dwells on the recreational region image sociological and the following factor analysis investigations method, which was approved on the “Crimean Recreational Image” poll during the 2003 tourist season. The method is suggested for the purpose of the future recreational region image researches.

Yakovenko I.M.
Crimea in the System of Transboundary’s Recreational Streams of SNG Countries
Summary: Place of SNG countries in the structure of recreational streams, in the material and technical base of tourism and in the foreign investments into the tourism and recreational complex of Crimea were considered in this article.