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Vol. 18 (57) № 1. 2005


Barladin О.V., Gorodetsky E.M., Netreba A.V.
Social-Economical GIS as the Tool of Multifactoral Analysis of Social-Political Situation
The pecularities of geographic information systems for analysis and forecast of social and economical situation created in Institute of Advanced Technologies are reviewed. Principles of geocoded informational databases organization are stated. Methodologies of data processing and analysis using developed GIS by the example of solving the tasks of Central Electoral Commission of Ukraine are shown.

Busigin B.S., Kachanov A.V., Saricheva L.V.
Creation of E-Atlas of Ukrainian Region's Sustainable Development
The article describes creation of pilot project "Ukrainian Region's Sustainable Development Atlas" accomplished at National Mining University on demand of Department of Environmental Protection of Ukraine. Structure and scheme of atlas filling are given, user interface is described and specificity of ecological and socio-economical indices mapping is described.

Glushchenko I.V., Lychak A.L.
Experience of the GIS-Modeling Landscape-Geophysical Conditions of the Mountain Crimea
The article touches upon the geoinformation modeling of the landscape-geophysical factor of the environmental. The author reasons necessity of the GIS-technologies implementation for identification, calculation and analysis of fictional conditions of the geographical complex.

Epikhin D.V.
Geoinformation Supporting of Urbanized Vegetation Mapping and Managing (on example of Simferopol)
The capability of using GIS on scientific research and solving practical goals of management are given in this article. Also the results of urban vegetation zoning and some places of finding of new invasive species, some elements of informational systems of evaluation of urban forests are presents.

Zorin S.V., Kartavtsev O.M., Kovnatskiy P.S., Myhaiovska M.V., Karabaev D.Т., Osyka V.G., Trokoz V.A.
ESRI GIS Technologies Application while Creation of Ecological Atlas of Little Kiywite
In this paper the methods of the creation of ecological Atlas of little Kiywite using ESRI GIS technologies are described. Several maps represent environmental conditions of the city.

Zorin S.V., Kartavtsev O.M., Alioshkina U.M., Klimehko U.O., Peregrym N.N.
Evaluation of Green Planting of Protasiv Yar in Kyiv City
The methodology and results of complex investigation of the Protasiv yar territory are given, which were conducted with the purpose to measure vegetation value of the Protasiv yar. Processing and presenting of the data were made by ArcMap 9.0 program, which is effective for the interpretation and presentation of the investigation results.

Karpenko O.A.
The Description of Some Successes and Complications during Creation of Territorial GIS
On the basis of analytical conclusions by results of practical activities in the field of monitoring and information, also with the basis of foreign experience, the reality of territorial GIS creation was described.

Karpenko S.A., Kostyushin V.A.
Informational and Geographical Support of Biological and Landscape Diversity Preservation of Sivash Region
The article explores the results of the project on creation of hierarchical geo- informational- database for Sivash region. The database summarizes results of ecosystem research in field. The research was carried out by number of scientific institutions. The article also formulates main approaches to and main principles of creation of a GIS-database, analyses approaches to integration of different types of information into the scheme of the functional zoning of the Prisivash region, according to the level of the environment preservation restrictions. The informational basis of the project were spot images (resolution 30 m), raster topographical maps (scale 1:100 000) and land usage plans.

Karpenko S.A., Lagodina S.E.
Geolnformation Mapping of the Spatial Conflicts of the Ukrainian Maritime Territory Nature Use
There is strategy of making the maps reflect contradictions between different types nature use and their need for different resources (water, timber, land, environmental and others) within Ukrainian maritime territory in the article. Analysis of received results has show that areas of most conflicts appear on crossing the communication ecological corridors and territory with critical anthropogenic loads.

Kokhan S.S., Polishchuk LP.
Influence of Spatial Structure on Accuracy of Interpolation Methods
The factors that most affect soil property mapping - the number of soil samples, the distance between sampling locations, and the choice of interpolation procedures are observed in the article.

Krasovskiy G., Trofimchuk A., Ponomarenko I., Klimenko V., Slobodyan V., Kreta D.
System Development Experience of Cartographic Ensuring a Management of Ecological Safety of Territory of Area
In the report questions of practical experience of authors of development geo information systems for management of ecological safety and wildlife management at a level of air considered.

Krisenko S.V., Vakulenko A.G.
Application of the All Fusion CASE-Facilities for Introduction of Contemporary Geo Information Technology to the System Control of the Soil on Lands for Agricultural Purpose and Valuation of Land
This article considers the ways of solution the problem of projection and introduction of automated information system based on GIS with application of CASE-facilities on example of introduction of contemporary geoinformation technology to the system control of the soil on lands for agricultural purpose.

Kuznetsov M.M.
Tansports-Geographical's Smiths of Settlements of Local Systems of Moving
Application of transport availability in studying a transports-geographical position of settlements is proved, laws of development of local systems of moving of Crimea are investigated.

Maksymchuk M.M, Kartavtsev O.M.
Ground Fertility and Erosion Influence on the Forming of Botulism Disease Flash in Ukraine
In this paper the correlation between ground characteristics and botulism wide spreading in Ukraine is described; there analyzed also examples of several Ukrainian cities and created some maps.

Nesterenko O.V.
Geo Information Society
In this paper ways of integration of nation information resources for support of granting by authorities of services in conditions of an information society and functioning of its components, such as the electronic government, on the basis of use of GIS- technologies are offered.

Rudyk A.N., Prokopov G.A., Epikhin D.V.
Using GIS at Creation of Project Organization for Yalta Mount-Forest Nature Reserve
In the article the experience of using the GIS-technologies at creation of project organization for Yalta Mount-Forest Nature Reserve is presented. The approaches to identification of spatial structure of protected areas in the example of nature reserve are discussed. The possibilities of GIS using for calculating of recreational loads on protected ecosystems are shown.

Stadnikov V.V., Shpilevoy A.A., Stepovaya O.U., Piskareva L.A.
The Development Municipal GIS Odessa with Use Cosmic Removal Material
In this article is generalised practical experience of the introduction to technologies to actualizations to cartographic information on example of the creation municipal GIS reference town system Odessa on material of the cosmic removal.

Tovpinec N.N., Evstaflev I.L.
GIS-Technologies in Research of Natural Nidi of Zoological Infections in Crimea
The article presents the data on practical usage of GIS-technologies in study of natural pestholes of zoological infections in Crimea.

Shatalov A.L., Schepilov V.N.
Working out the City-Building Documentation with the Help of GIs-Technologies
In the paper the questions of 3D-digital city-building model forming with the help of GIS-technologies are observed. The fragments of general plan project of the island of Khortitsa and detail plan of the territory of the River-coast zone and the centre of Zaporizhzhya are showed.

Haytovich A.B., Kiriyakova L.S., Kovalenko I.S.
The Results and Prospects of the Use the Geographical Information Systems at Medicine and Epydemiology
In undertaking the epidemiological analysis are used paper maps, allowing photographic to display the situation. Monitoring the epidemic process of infectious diseases by means of GIS will allow to conduct the dynamic estimation of the influence environmental factors, influencing act on epidemic process, explicate the under study territory on degree of the potential epidemiological danger, conduct epidemiological division by territory, forecast epidemic situation.

Haytovich A.B., Kovalenko I.S.
The Geographical Feature Natural-Focal of the Diseases on Territory Ukraine
Is shown relationship natural-focal of the diseases on territory of the Ukraine to determined ecological region, as well as need of the undertaking the more detailed spatial analysis these regions.