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Vol. 19 (58) № 1. 2006


Abibulayev D.E., Khaytmych A.B., Kapitanova I.N.
GIS in Studying the Natural Locus's of Tularemia in Ukraine
In article the results received by help ArcGIS for the analysis of distribution of the natural locus's of a tularemia in territory of Ukraine on ecoregions and on administrative areas are resulted. The estimation of a role of vectors, infection carrier and waters in maintenance of the natural locus's of a tularemia for different ecoregions the countries is given.

Bazarnova N., Dodojenko Т., Kutsenko T., Lelyukh S., Chernov V.
The Institute of Applied Geoinformation Science
A new method of town-planning interpretation of high, resolution space images
A new improvement in interpretation of space images of built-up areas, based on the sub-pixel image analysis and full use of image metadata for planned geometrical correction is offered. We use the QwickBird Panchromatic images, multispectral and both together. At the same time multispectral data is used for accurate definition of the objects' borders on panchromatic images, using the principles, applied in IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier (ERDAS) and our own algorithms. Another word, we say about high accuracy definition (0.05 -0.2 m) of not nature (anthropogenesis - man-made) lineaments. Our approach is the using theory of fuzzy sets. This is the next step of defining new physical fusion methods. Satellite metadata (satellite azimuth and elevation, solar azimuth, solar elevation and the sensor angle of nadir) is used for ground objects' height, especially buildings and houses and also for range and direction of their roofs' shift definition, visible on the image to shift roofs back to the foundation to produce a correct map. At that there's no necessity in the usage of traditional photogrammetry. Our experience in producing maps of 3 Ukrainian cities allows us to state that 5 with the usage of such technologies an interpretation accuracy of 20 cm. in plane (x; y) and 50 cm. in heigth (z) (with the image resolution 61 cm./pix.); i.e. the maps scaled 1:2000 is easily achieved. Moreover, on the basis of these maps during relatively easy work in field the layouts scaled 1:500 can be received. The evidence of this is our own experience.

Baran P.L., Oleksij L.L., Prymак O.V., Plyska L.V., Puryk T.L.
Krinzhgeodesiya's Experience in Digital Large-Scale Mapping for GIS-Users
Technology of digital large-scale mapping in „Ukrmzhgedesiya" is described The role of structure and accuracy of maps was underlined during the GIS-analysis. The problems which the enterprise faces during large-scale mapping were pointed out.

Barladin A., Busol I.
Development of Electronic Ecological Atlas of Ukraine
On the basis of synthesizing and systematization of electronic editions creation experience the basic approaches to development of Electronic ecological atlas are illustrated. Some functional possibilities and structural content of the edition, and also scope of tasks, which can be solved using represented CD, and spheres of social life, where this product can be used, are examined.

Vakhrushev I.B.

Estimate of Seismoekologic Situation with Using GIS-Mapping (on market South coast of Crimea)
The article consist the methodology of estimating of seismoekologic situation on base GIS-mapping. The estimate оf s eismoekologic s ituation are getting for S outh coast оf Crimea.

Danchenko A., Zorin S., Kosovec А., Токаrеnко V.
Creation of System for Air Pollution Modeling and Control in Kyiv City
This article describes creation of air pollution modeling and control in Kyiv city. It describes system's structure, content of controlled information, ways for heterogeneous system's integration, developed software and it's interface.

Epikhin D.V.
Geoinformation Supply of Implementation Urban Forests Cadastre
The methods of creation and implementation urban forests cadastre in medium-sized city are revealed in this article.

Eryomuskin A., Zorin S., Kovnacky P., Saryan V.
GIS Using in Modeling and Investment Effectiveness' Appraisal
This article decribes new ways and possibilities for using GIS in investment effectiveness' appraisal. Also describes GIS using in connection with space images and laboratory research of environment state.

Efimov S.A., Ugarov S.G., Selezneva O.A., Timchenko L.V.

Geo-Informational Statistical Atlas "Education in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea: Development and Making"
Electronical geo-informational statistical atlas '"Education in the autonomous republic of Crimea" was developed by association "Technokliimkomplekt". The atlas includes 44 thematic maps, 18 tables, 8 diagrams. For the first time there was created a geo-informational database of educational institutions in AR of Crimea. The atlas presents an analysis of spatio-temporal changes, that take place in various indices of work in educational institutions in the Crimea. The information, presented in the Atlas gives a tool to draw the conclusions about the level, prospects and priority development directions of education in the Autonomous republic of Crimea.

Ischuk O.
Problems and Prospects of Geoinformation Technologies Introduction to Oil-and-Gas Branch of Ukraine
Primary factors which stir to effective introduction of geoinformation technologies in the oil-and-gas industry of Ukraine are shown in this article. Also recommendations on their elimination and examples of successful GIS application the Ukrainian experts in oil-and-gas projects of Ukraine and Russia are given.

Karpenko S.A.
Informational Geographical Basis for Strategic Planning of Development in Crimea
The article presents an approach to numerical characteristic of informational - geographical basis for system of strategic planning of development in Crimea. It characterizes the structure and functions. The proposed theoretical construction was approved in terms if methodological substantiation of realization of the social-economic development strategy of Crimea. The article characterizes the approaches to creation of territorial database.

Kartavtsev O.
The Use of High Quality Spatial Resolution RS for the Assessment of Air Pollution from Stationary Industrial Sources for Human Health Risk
The necessity of use of high quality spatial resolution RS for the assessment of air pollution from industrial sources is connected with the general low quality of the sources for special data materials of the checking of stationary sources of pollution. The geodatabase of stationary sources of pollution and the landuse on the territory of the town of Zaporizhzha was formed with the help of software ArcGIS and the materials of Quick Bird. It was used while assessing the air pollution for human health risk.

Kiriyakova L.S., Hajtovich A.B., Shvarsalon N.K.
Cholera as Pandemical Infection
By means of geographical information technologies, distribution of cholera to the world is studied. Features of the seventh pandemic of cholerae are certain. On cholera in the world and risk of occurrence of cholera, the modern epidemic situation is reflected in territory of Ukraine.

Kozlova I.J., Kaydanskiy V.V.
Application of Geoinformatlon Technologies in an Estimation of Prospects of Use of Solar Power at the Industrial Enterprises of Simferopol
In сlause(article) use GIS for an estimation of perspectivity of use of solar power at the enterprises of Simferopol is described. In a basis of an estimation the ecological and economic substantiation of use of solar power according to a time typical methodic of economic efficiency of realization of security actions and estimations of ecological damage for national economy.

Krisenko S.K, Voedilova O.Y., Vakulenko A.G.
Automation of Calculation of Ecological Agrochemical Rating on Materials Certification of Soils of the Last Years
This article considers the ways of the decision of a problem of automated calculation of ecological agrochemical rating on basis GIS-technologies with use of the structural approach of the analysis and modelling.

Lychak A.I., Bobra T.V., Lementa A.A.
Information and Geographical Bases of the Construction of the Spatio-Temporal Models of the Mountain Forests for the Purposes of Management (ON the example of the Crimea)
The article touches upon the geoinformation modeling of the landscape-geophysical factor of the environmental. The author reasons necessity of the GIS-technologies implementation for identification, calculation and analysis of fictional conditions of the geographical complex.

Lyalko V.I., Azimov О.Т., Sakhatsky O.I., Hodorovsky A.Ya., Shportyuk Z.M., Sybirtseva O.M.
Application the Satellite Data and GIS-Technologies for the Ecological State and Fire Risk Assessments of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone Forest Stands
In this paper the investigation results of state of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone natural growth on the basis of using RSE/GIS-technologies are described. The radioecological conditions were determined, the growth was classified, fire risk was estimated.

Nikolaev V.M., Toporova E.A.
Supporting the Russian Government Coordinate System 1995 in ArcGIS
The questions of conversion spatial data from coordinate system 1995 to coordinate system 1942 and opportunities of work with spatial data under coordinate system 1995 discussion in the article. The developed ArcGIS 9 Desktop extension for widening ArcGIS facilities for spatial transformations and work with coordinate system 1995 also discussion in the article.

Palekha Y.N.
The Methodical Approaches to GIS-Technologies Application in a Monetary Estimation of Ukrainian Cities
The summary: in article described the general methodology of GIS-technologies application in a monetary estimation of Ukrainian cities at its three basic stages: to preparation of a cartographical material, analysis both generalization of the initial data and publication of results.

Pashkovska L.V.
Application of GIS-Technologies Usage in Geographical Researching Transporting-Ccommunications Network in Territorial Planning of Ukrainian Regions
The summary: in the article the general laws of transporting-communications axis influence on territorial development of Ukrainian regions. The economic-geographical factors influencing formation of transporting-communications network are investigated.

Shvarsalon N.K., Khaytovych A.B., Kiriyakova L.S., Khaytovych A.G.
Some Aspects of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Distribution in the World and Ukraine
By results of the research work with use of GIS-technologies stages of distribution of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and the most significant for the further distribution of (HPAI) in the world and Ukraine migratory routes of wild birds are certain. The epizooty of HPAI among poultry in Crimea is analysed, and her territorial belonging to Seevash Lake and Northwest Black Sea Coast areas is established.