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Vol. 21 (60) № 1. 2008


Azimov A.Т.
Application of Geoinformation Technologies for Investigation of Active Geodynamic Processes
In this paper the results of structure and geodynamic feature investigation on mass transfer anomalous zones via complex of remote sensing and geophysical survey are highlighted.

Yena Al., Efimov S., Ugarov S.
Use of GIS-technologies at the Establishment of Borders and Certification of Objects Natural-Reserved Fund
In clause quantitative and qualitative data about a network of objects natura-reserved fund AR Crimea are cited, experience of certification and an establishment of borders of territories of nature protection purpose with use of GIS-technologies is analyzed.

Efimov S., Selezneva О.
Geoinformation Modelling of Cnanges of the Administrative-territorial Device
On example AR Crimea the geoinformation-analytical system of elements of the administrative device is described, allowing to carry out the analysis and modelling of changes of the intrasystem territorial organization of the state.

Zorin S.V., Dubeckiy Т.I., Laznuk M.V.
Use the GIS in Inventory Development of Emissions Polluting Substances
The article describes the example how to use use geo information systems in preservation of environment.

Ishchuk О.О.
"G-Government" - Dream or the Near Future of Ukraine?
In article are taken up questions of readiness of Ukraine in the field of using modern GIS technologies for e-government. Examples of successful GIS implementation in the Governmental Information and Analytical System of Ukraine on Emergency situations (GIAS ES) are considered.

Kaydanskiy V.V.
Use of GIS-technologies in the Estimation of Standard of Living of Population of Administrative District (on the example of Belogorskogo and Sakskogo of Districts of Autonomous Republic Crimea)
In the article, using of GIS-technologies is described for the estimation of standard of living of population of regions ARC. The place of Belogorskogo and Sakskogo of districts is exposed on the standard of living of population among administrative districts AR Crimea. The estimation of territorial disproportions of standard of living of population of Belogorskogo and Sakskogo of districts is executed AR Crimea at local level (village and settlement soviets).

Karpenko S.A.
Methods of Creating of Information System of Regional Cadastre of Natural Resources (on example of Crimea region)
The main methods to creating of information system of Regional Cadastre of Natural Resources (on example of Crimea region) were characterized in article. This system viewed like an element of block for collection data of territory development management system.

Kuznetsov М.М.
Functional-Genetic Cycles and Typification Territorial of Settlements of Reproduction System of Autonomic of Republic Crimea
The hierarchy territorial of settlements of reproduction system ARC is considered. Is functional-genetic cycles settlements systems are analyzed. The functional typology territorial settlements systems proves.

Lychak A, Bokov V., Bobra Т.
Methodological Basis of the Landscape Information System
The paper considers the methodology of the working of the landscape information system, problems of the GIS-modeling of the landscape geophysical parameter of the environment, substantiate of the necessity of the application of the Gis-technology for calculation and analyze condition of the functioning natural territorial complexes.

Matvienko S.
Analysis of Possibility of Use of Gravitational Shift of Electromagnetic Radiation Frequency Effect with the Purpose of Earth's Gravitational Field Monitoring
In this article described analysis of possibility of measurements of Earth's gravitational field parameters with the use of effect of gravitational shift of electromagnetic radiation frequency.

Muravsky L.I., Oliinyk О.Т., Alokhina O.I., Koshovy I.I., Gaskevych Y.I.
Using of the Earth Remote Sensing Data for Formation of the Biosphere Reserve "Shatsky" Geographic-Information System
Results of remote sensing data use for monitoring tasks decision and GIS creation of the Ukrainian part of the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve "West Polesie" (WP-TBR) protected territory are represented.

Saltovets A., Nikolaev V., Soroka V.
Application of ESRI Technologies for the Metadata Supporting Infrastructure Creation
The article shows general aspects of realization of the systems supporting the metadata of spartial data. The approaches of the metadata supporting system realization based on the ESRI software are suggested.

Palekha Y.N.
Geoinformation Component of Regional Town-Planning Designing - Modern Condition and Prospects of Development
In the article the questions of town-planning designing reforms on the basis of GIS-technologies using are considered. The regional level of the town-planning projects (lay-outs of separate areas, transborder town- planning projects) is allocated. The most perspective directions of GIS further use at a regional level, in opinion of the author, are: considerably more active use of methods of the spatial analysis; wide involving in designing the statistical analysis; expansion of geospatial metadata use.

Pashkovska L.V.
Methodical Approaches on Application of GIS-technologies in Research of Influence of Transport and Communication Axes on Social and Economic Development of Regions of Ukraine
In the article the general laws methodical approaches of transporting-communications axis influence on territorial development of Ukrainian regions.

Popov М.А., Kussul N.N., Stankevich S. A., Kozlova A.A., Shelestov A.Yu., Korbakov M.B., Kravchenko A.M.
Biodiversity Assessment Using Remote Sensing Data Implemented as Automatically Updated Web-service for the Pre-Black Sea Region of Ukraine
This paper describes technique for assessment and mapping of land biodiversity using remote sensing data. The proposed approach uses fuzzy model based on different ecological drivers that influence on biodiversity. The approach is implemented for the Pre-Black Sea region of Ukraine as the automatically updated web-service accessible via Internet.

Popov А.V., Chegrinetc O.A., Ovramenko V.D.
Technology of City Electronic Duty Plan Conduct
In this paper tire practical realization technology of cily electronic duty plan conduct are described.

Saltovets A., Nikolaev V.
Methodical Aspects of Metadata Realization based on the International Standard ISO 19115
The methodology of building spatial data metadata supporting system based on the group of International standards series 19100 is discussed in the article. The approaches and methods of the system relization on the state and underlying levels spatial data using are suggested.

Samoilenko А.N.
High Accuracy of Geodetic Measurements - High Speed of Trains Movement
In this article the method of maintenance of the normalized geometrical parameters of a railways, as one of the necessary conditions of a safety of movement of trains on high speed is described. There also recommendations of use methods modern means of processing of measurements and calculation of actual geometrical parameters are.

Solomakha I.
The Interconnection Spatial Permission of Space Pictures with a of Scale Plans and Maps which is Created with theirs Help for Using in Ukrainian Citybuilding
In the article is researched how space picture QuickBird with spatial permission 0,6 meters can be basis for making plans of different scales which enter in the complement of general plan. For example Vyshgorod City possibility of the use of such picture is considered for the needs of town-planning at local level.

Tatarinovich В.A.
The Topography Photomonitoring and Gradient-Statistical Method of the Geometrization for Development of the Territory
The article analyzes the possibility of acquiring the spot images from a computer network, method of their verification, approach and method of surveing of areas is analysed, developed in work by the calculations of represented gradient - statistical method for the design of tekhnic - economic indicators for the nonlinear and discrete tasks of optimization.

Shepilov V.N., Schepilova K.V.
Mathematical Modeling of the Protected Areas
The article performs the methods of mathematical modeling of the protected areas by the example of the "Khortitsa" Natural Nature Reserve (Zaporizhzhya).