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Vol. 21 (60) 2. 2008


Yolodymyr . Paschenko, Mykola V. Davydyuk
The Metatheoretical Content of Grygoriy Ye. Gryshankov's Natural-Geographical Ideas
The reflection-critical and heuristically-constructive cognitive content G.E.Grishankov's science works with research ideas the operating time is opened. It's value reaches for limits science of landscapes and natural geography, reaching high level of a metatheoretical generalization.

Pozachenyuk ..
Contribution of Grigory Evdokimovich Grishankov to Development of the Domestic Landscape Science
Reveals the contribution of visible geographer XX century of Grigory Evdokimovich Grishankov in development of theoretical, methodical, regional and applied directions of landscape science.

Denisik G.I.
Grishankov G.E. and Milkov's School of Landscapes Knowledge
Fragments of flashbacks about - as one of the brightest representatives of milkov's school of landscapes knowledge in Ukraine.

Grishankov V.G.
Image of the Father, as Memoirs about the Future which has not Come
The main idea of article consists that it is necessary to create mechanisms of self-development of people in family and private life by creation of game competition since the childhood. In such society the science becomes a life element. Such science my father, G. Grishankov, also tried to create.

Grodzinski .
Spatial Organization of a Landscape: Structure-forming Relations, Configurations, and Structures
The idea of landscape polystructurality needs its further development. In particular, it demands exploring three basic concepts underlying the study of landscape spatial organizations. These concepts are: structure- forming relations relation, spatial configuration, and landscape's spatial structure. The essence of these concepts, connections between them and the typology of spatial landscape relations, configurations and structures are.

Bokov V.A.
Problems of the Landscape Moistening's Assessment
There is new approach to assessment of the landscape's moistening on base of the requirements to moisture component of the landscape.

Denisik G.I.
Perspective Directions of Development of Anthropogenous Landscape Science
New perspective directions of development of anthropogenic landscape knowledge are considered and grounded, in particular due to researches of paradynemic and paragenetic processes, co-operating of the landscape technical systems with an environment, microcelling processes, vertical and height differentiation of anthropogenic landscapes, their symmetry and asymmetry, and others like that.

The Computer Landscape Map and the Landscape Data Base
The computer landscape mapping became an essential phase of the landscape investigation, and the landscape based thematical GIS presents a modern way of the landscape map application. At the stages of the field landscape survey, as well as archive data collection, the GIS technologies are less applicable. The solution could be found by means of the computer data base, which includes a totality of the cartographical, archive, and field data sources, as well as remote sensing data collected.

Linnik V.G.
Existentil Scales of Landscape Differentiation of Technogenic Radionuclears
The existential scales of differentiation technogenic radionuclears in natural and anthropogenous landscapes are considered. The analysis of distribution technogenic radionuclears can be used as for research inside of landscape differentiation, structures of a various scale level, also for an estimation of dynamics processes in the landscape.

Petlin V.N.
Methodological and Methodical Problems of Experimental Landscape Science
Crisis in modern landscape science (as well as a whole) caused obvious backlog of methodology of experimental researches from applied techniques which were unable open an essence of landscape systems, their existential organization, etc. The methodical basis which would answer bases methodological, should be researches of laws of formation of a field of parameters. Thus the traditional dot method is called to carry out only an additional role.

Sergiy Micheli
The Role and Place of Personalities in the Development of the Ukrainian Landscape
The analysis of references to work landscape direction of Ukrainian authors to determine the role and place of individual researchers in the development of the Ukrainian landscape. Determined scientists and scientific works that have the greatest figures citation has been viewed their role at shaping the structure and content of modern Ukrainian landscape.

V.A. Berezhnoy, S.E. Ignat'yev L.G. Chervanev
To the Problem of Optimization of the Regional Environment-Ecological Network The model of incremental optimization of environment-ecological network at sub-regional level was proposed. This model was verificated on example of Kupyansk district of Kharkiv region, Ukraine.

.V. Alekseyev
Hydromorphic Landscapes and their Biogeocenoses as the Natural Locuses of Extrahazardous Infection
The article is dedicated to problems of coincidence of the environmental locuses of transmissible illnesses to different nature-climatic zones and members of a landscape.

Baykov ..
Steady Development and Monitoring of the Surrounding Environment
Steady development of territory is impossible without the presence of reliable state information modern its, prognosis of its development. The system of the ecological monitoring allows to get state information natural system. An attempt to reflect the necessity of account of features of structure of territory (landscape structure) during organization of the system of the ecological monitoring and way of further development of monitoring supervisions is undertaken in the article.

Bilous L.F.
Digital Terrain Elevation Data in Geographical and Geoinformation Space
The problems of spatial modeling are considered. The technique of spatial modeling of a relief by means GIS is offered. The Digital Terrain Elevation Data is examined as a source of synthesis of the information about features of landscape organization of territories.

Bondarev I.P.
The Problem of Instability of the Underwater Landscape (on the Example of Nothern Part of the Black Sea).
The most vulnerable elements of submarine landscape of the northern part of the Black sea and the factors of influence on them are examined. Materials are based on comprehensive studies with the application of the underwater inhabited vehicles.

Baranovska .V., Ostapchuk V.V., Smal I.V.
To the Methodology of the Implementation of the Landscape-Ecological Research The methodical accesses to the conduction of the landscape-ecological analysis and assessment of the territory are deepened and updated, the main steps of regional landscape-ecological studies are worked out.

P.Ye. Grigoryev
The Individual Features of Relationships between a Vegetative Regulation in Human Organism and the Planetary and Local Meteorological Factors
The quasi stable vegetative reactions by the parameters of heart rate variability and blood pressure (in Simferopol, Ukraine) on the weather and cosmic factors were found. The most biologically effective are factors of electromagnetic and acoustic nature such as geomagnetic activity, interplanetary magnetic field, wind velocity, atmospheric pressure. The specific features of vegetative reactions at individuals with stable and unstable vegetative types were found. Using the procedures of investigation it is possible to determine the individual pattern of vegetative reactions on the meteorological factors in the concrete climatic and landscape conditions.

Grodzinska O.Yu.
The Peoples' Perception of Urban Landscapes (on the example of cities of Southern Ukraine and the city of Kiev)
In comparison with perception of natural, parks' and agricultural landscapes, urban landscaped are perceived specifically. This specificity refers both an object of perception (landscape) and its subject (man). Among the features of urban landscape responsible for its perception a landscapes' its complexity, mystery, coherence, unusualness, "historicity", the percentage of green open spaces are of a special importance. The landscapes of the cities of Southern Ukraine and the city of Kiev was studied; the respondents were the students from city if Kiev.

Goclowski A.
Studies on natural conditions of the distribution of population and settlement
The paper presents concepts, methods and conclusions of the research on the natural condition of distribution and development of population and settlement that have been carried out at the Department of Regional Geography at the University of Warsaw. Among other things they have shown a concept of index of differentiation of natural environment, position of physico - geographical boundary, and settlement barriers, and, in the end, prospects for further investigation.

Nekos A.N.
Trofogeography - the Place in System of Geographical Sciences
In article definition of a place of a new scientific direction - trofogeographical in system of geographical sciences is proved. In a basis representation about physics - geographical process and the geographical form matter movement by A.A.Grigoriev's definition - V.S.Ljamina, T.Kuna, V.A.Rozova, R.S.Mikulinskogo's sights is necessary, etc.

Ergina E.I., Lisetskii F.N.
Assessment rate of soil reproduction in ecologically balancing landscapes
New approaches to assessing the opportunities of soil regeneration in natural and man - made landscapes, depending on the particularities of energy environment were discussed in the article.

Sergey Kyryliuc
Construction of Digital Physic Geographical Maps
In article it is complemented and more detailed developed the row of aspects of the oretical - methodological principles of landscape - ecological analysis of the territory with the purpose of its estimation for gardening. Created methodological base for landscape - ecological estimation of the territory. Conducted analysis of environmental conditions of Hotin’s sublimity and selected criteria of estimation of the territory, because of ecological tolerance of natural environment in relation to fruit cultures. Developed universal algorithm of landscape - ecological estimation of the territory for the aims of gardening. In the process of research there was the created computer program (environment of ++) for the leadthrough of the automated estimation of the territory.

Kyselov Yu.O.
Some Geosophical Aspects of the Interrelations between Landscape and Ethnos
The question of the place of ethnos in the landscape is viewed. An integrating role of landscape spirit in its connections with the ethnos is marked. Ethnoexistential results of migrations of human communities in their dependence on the landscape factor are analyzed. It is stressed that the problem of the interrelated influence of landscape and ethnos is one of the tasks of Geosophy.

Kononov Y.I., Lopatina E.Y., Marushkevich M.T.
Yuvenilization of a Terrestrial Surface and its Value
In clause the phenomenon juvenilization a terrestrial surface as intracontact normalizing material circulation is considered. For the first time author's representation about juvenilization in the block with the systemic - functional concept of a terrestrial surface in view of their key role in nature - perception, knowledge and using is given.

A.I. Miroshnichenko
Faunistic Complex as a Landscape Component
Use of Faunistic complexes as landscape components is proposed. Principles of search and an alysis of Faunistic complexes are reviewed on the example of parasites of Crimean fishes together with free - living invertebrates and vertebrates connected with their development, and also search of indigenous and new elements, which are necessary for under standing the genesis of fauna.

Principles of Automatic Landscape - Ecological Mapping
Principles of landscape - ecological mapping based on analysis of geospatial distribution of ecological factors are considered. The basics of original method of automatic landscape - ecological classification and mapping using GIS analysis and classification of raster layers of landscape - ecological indexes corresponding to basic direct ecological factors are described.

Manayenkova I.A.
Drawing a Map of Geoecological Risks of Modern Landscapes
In the article is lighted the problem of drafting of electronic cards, and, in particular, drawing a map of geoecological risks of modern landscapes on the Kryvbas example. The method of drafting of electronic cards with the use of the computer program of Corel draw 11 is illustrated, the features of drafting of electronic cards of such difficult objects open up, as naturally - economic territorial systems.

Pankeeva T.V.
The Methods Map of the Estimate of the Coadaptivity of the Natural and Economical Subsystem for Administrative Area on the Example of the Big Sevastopol
The article about the methods of the estimate of the degree of the coadaptivity of the natural and economical ubsystem between regional administrative area on the example of the big Sevastopol.

Parubets O.V.
Formation of Landslides as Ecogeodynamical Process
The dynamic modes of formation of landslides are considered in XX age in Crimea. Influence on this process of both natural constituent and economic activity of man is rotined.

G.P. Pylypenko, O.L. Suvorovska
The Methodological Concept of Modelling of Applied Landscape Cards
The methodological concept of applied agrolandscape maps modeling is represented m this work. The basic orientation of such maps toward the experts in agriculture ecology and business has determined the main principles of suggestive mapping, such as: vicissitude of level - by - level disclosing of scientific synthesis of agrolandscapes types; multisensor selective first time offered marks - polygrams, which give opportunity to open and consistently integrate agrolandscape components; regulation of graphic - linguistic formation of consumer outlook on maps. The accent is put on an exclusive opportunity of narrowing the analysis of complex multifield analytical material in the contents of one applied agrolandscape map.

G.P. Pylypenko, O.I. Tsurkan, S.V. Plotnytskyy
Spatial Analysis of Distributing of Extraordinary Situations Taking into Account Landscape Structures of Territory
The causally - spatial distributing of extraordinary situations is presented. Their dependence on a presence and placing of to poliniamentos different geological structures, tension of the naturally - impulsive electromagnetic field of Earth and geoactive structures of local level on the basis of topology naturally - territorial complexes is set (at the level of natural boundaries, natural subboundaries). The method of organization of monitoring is developed after the origin of extraordinary situations taking into account different grades of landscapes.

Primalenny A.A.
About Prospects of Remote Studying Scientific and Technical Innovations in Landscape Designing City on the Basis of the Training Simulator of Local Self - Management (the code “Munitsipij”)
Materials of the message open principles of the organization of modern system of mass training and retraining of experts of local self - management to methods of landscape designing of administrative territories as sets of separate nature - territorial and property complexes with a view of perfection of the control and management of relations of production for optimization of quality of a life.

Ragulskaya M.V., Vishnevskiy V.V., Grigoryev P.Ye., Samsonov S.N., Khabarova O.V.
Geographical Features of Influence of Cosmophysical and Meteorological Factors on a Human Organism
With the goal of study of influence of cosmic and usual weather on a human organism during 2003 - 2008 years synchronous geomedical monitoring in places with different latitudes in cities Moscow, Kiev, S. - Petersburg, Yakutsk, Simferopol, Sofia. It was revealed that inhabitants of southern latitudes are more sensible to the changes in the meteorological parameters. Otherwise, in the northern latitudes, cosmic weather factors are more biologically effective.

Iryna Roga
The Landscape - Geochemical Approaches and Principles of Research of Territory and Anthropogenic impact of it (The Theory of Regional Research)
The main landscape - geochemical approaches and principles of research of landscape complexes and level of their anthropogenization are considered. The emphasis is put on the necessity of research and assessment of landscape - geochemical features of regions.

Svidzinska D.V.
The Prognosis of Ukraine Landscapes Changes due to Possible Climate Change
The approach to landscapes changes prognosis based on factor space and landscape’s niche is studied. Climate change and fluctuations scenarios for Ukraine territory are analyzed. The prognosis rows of landscapes for different Ukraine plane territory natural zones are built.

Sidorchuk .B.
Reasons of Origin and Factors of Reproduction of Poverty
This article is about the reasons of appearing of the poverty. It gives the information about the factors of reproduction of the development in the structures of the different level economic including Ukraine.

Skrebets G.N.
The Geographical Zonality, the Point of View, Science Conception is a Unity of Nature of Continent and Oceans
It had been opened the methodical approach which was worked out in position of science conception is a unity of nature of continent and oceans. It shows the place of geographical area’s system, different geomorphologic levels in zone structure of landscape sphere.

Sorokina L.
Landscape Investigation under the Performance EIA - Task for the Industrial Projects
The article devoted to role of landscape - ecological research for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Document for ecology - dangerous industrial enterprises. Some results of such investigation are cited. The investigations of actual landscapes have being included to the program of the EIA Document.

Stepanyak U.D.
Questions of Problems of Marine Landscape Geochemistry
On the basis of generalization and analysis of vast theoretical and actual material the questions of problems and debatable of marine landscape geochemistry are considered. Methodological bases and principles of selection of landscape - geochemical structure division are confronted on continents and in seas, inadequacy of their extrapolation is shown. New presentation of marine geochemical landscapes is offered.

Suleimenov ..
Analytic Decision of Task of Determining Coordinates of Operator: Possibilities of Using it in Satellite Radionavigate Systems and Geodynamic Monitoring
The task of calculation of co - ordinates of operator from data of measurings of difference of pseudodistance, got by the satellite radionavigate systems, has the an alytical decision.Information about possibilities of increasing of the geodynamic monitoring’s exactness, and increasing of exactness of monitoring of the state of ionosphere and whole atmosphere by the offered algorithm are given.

Tamaychuk A.N.
The Principal Regularity of Regional Differentiation of the World Ocean
Diversity of the natural conditions in the World Ocean be formed at the process of interaction of the four fundamental factors groups which defined form of distinguish at general features of the natural complexes: zonal (connected with the latitude distribution of warmth), own azonal (geology - geomorphological), sector (circumcontinental), vertical.

imchenko Z.V.
Application of Theory of Msuretions for the Generalizetion the Gratst Instntaneous Mimum Water Discharge for the Cl nd the Warm Periods
The riterions of the generalizetion of the gratst instntaneous mximum water discharge for the l nd the warm periods r were stblishment n the theory of the msuretions for the rivers of the wst side of South coast of Crimea.

On the Structure of the Urbanized Landscapes
The urbanized territories are considered by many scientists from position of the landscape approach. Their works stand importance of the landscape environment in forming, development and operation of cities. Nevertheless there are some questions that remain unsolved: to what extend the natural landscape structure remains untouched under the building expansion and whether there are reasons in using the natural landscape structure terms to characterize the urbanized territories.

urega .N.
Lythodynamics and Stretched Free Beach
Problems of the shore deformation, especially a problem of beach destruction troubles both our scientists and foreign ones. That’s why it is very good, that Ukrainian researchers work on the coastal zone safety, they offer the effective methods for the beaches protection, and one of such methods is placing of the wave absorbers in the strictly definite way, that is confirmed by the corresponding calculations. The offered method demonstrates its value in practice (the region of the Blue Bay, the region of the Southern Coast of the Crimea), where coast shape is practically stabilized and “eating” of the beach is absent as compared to contiguous areas.

Shovkun ..
Medical - Geographic Analysis of Territory (on example of Chernigov region)
The medicin - geographical analysis of territory of the Chernigov area is made.