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Vol. 21 (60) № 3. 2008


Gavrylenko O.P.
Ukraine Forest-Steppe Landscapes Classification for Geoecological Substantiation of Nature Management Projects Aims
Propositions of anthropogenic transformed landscapes classification are presented. Classification carries out by natural and anthropogenic factors of landscapes forming. Such classification represents degree of spatial landscape differentiation with landscapes functional role in region nature management structure. So this classification is named structure-functional.

Dmitruk О.Yu., Olyshevska J.А., Demyanenko S.О., Kupach Т.G.
The Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of the Studies the Urbolandscapes Structures of the Kiev Territory and Suburban Area
In article is introduced analysis of the sources, information materials concerning subject urbolandscapes, landscape-architecturally rcscarchsng city and suburban zones. In given article is motivated possibility of the using the most latest information technology for decision of the similar sort of the tasks. It Is offered to consideration conceptual model analysis urbolandscapes structures territory, which long-run objective is a creation to cartographic model natural landscape, landscape-architecturally systems of the investigation territory.

Vakhrushev В.А., Miroshnichenko I.A.
Evolution of Carst Landsdcapes of Mountain Crimea
The history of development of carst landscapes of the Mountain Crimea is considered. The evolution of carst landscapes has begun from transformation of primary landscapes of region by carst processes. It can be seen from carstic landscapes of middle and last pliocene till carst landscapes of modern epoche.

Oliferov А.N., Pasynkova L.A.
The Map of Landscapes for the Geochemical Monitoring in Crimea
Methods and results of works on compiling of landscape map of Crimea for the geochemical monitoring are presented. On a map the classes and types of landscapes are selected.

Agarkova-Lyakh I.V.
Paragenetical Landscape Complexes of the Black Sea Part of the Coastal Zone of Crimea with Very Intensive Bidirectional Matter Flows between the Land and the Sea
This type of PGLC is formed in the coastal zone of Kalamitskiy Bay and SW part of Crimea. It is consisted of erosion and accumulative coasts of 5-15 m and 2 m height. The rate of coastal processes reach 5-6 m/y. Processes of erosion, landslide, landslip and accumulation are prevail on those coasts. On the accumulative coasts the wormwood vegetation is prevail, when on erosion coasts vegetation is practically absent. Biocenoses of bivalves and Zostera marina are dominated on mild soils; different macrophvtes - on firm soils.

Andreeva О.A.
Principles of Structural and Geographical Differentiation of Coastal Areas in Ukraine
New principles of districting of off-shore-marine zones of Ukraine are offered on the basis of selection of structurally-geographic areas (SGA). SGA - is a district of dry land and sea, uniting the large areas of waterside area and adjoining aquatorium of shelf. Spatial position of SGA is inferior position of watershades surfaces of the rivers, having a flow in waters of the Black and Azov seas, and on aquatoriums - to position of surfaces of "watersheds" of ancient underwater river valleys.

Ivan Baydikov, Konstantin Baydikov
The Basic Factors and Historical Prerequisites for Evolution and Formation of Landscape Diversity of Zaporizhya Region
The landscape diversity is defined as the combination of the primary (natural) and secondary (anthropogenic) diversities of landscapely organized nature, where landscape complexes are considered as structural formations with interrelated geomatic and biotic components. The landscape diversity of Zaporizhya region has been formed basically under the influence of natural transformational factors and later under the combined influence of natural and anthropogenic factors.

Belousova N.V.
Natural - anthropological Geosystems as Object Investigation of lugansk Region
Different anthropological transformation of geosystem is spontaneous index reciprocity of system the „Nature - man" and in our chance it speaking as object investigation the territory of Lugansk region. Mark and methodical explanation causes of anthropological transformation of geosystem have given possibility virification commos ecologo - geographical conditions definite territory and work out optimistic programmes.

Biryukov A.
Research of Speed of the River-bed Running to of Spring flow on the Rivers of Podot'skoy Sublimity
In the article the methodical going is expounded near determination of parameters of formula of speed of the river-bed running to, results over of calculations are brought their verification and analysis.

Blazhuk S.V.
Paragenesys of Ancient Ore-bearing Facies and Modern Landscape (Karpovskoye deposit of phosphorite-glaukonite ores)
Direct and indirect intercommunications system, existing between the modern landscape and ancient ore- bearing facies in the north steppe province of Ukraine carries a positive, neutral or negative dynamics. Phosphoritic-glauconitic agricultural ores and modern soil biocomplex in South Donbass is the example of positive contacts.

О.V. Boborykina, Nasonkin V.A.
Stationary Interferometric Station of Taurida National University by V.I.Vernadsky
Work is devoted to the scientific researches spent on stationary in terfero metric station of Taurida National University by V.I.Vernadsky. The history of creation of station, the basic tool methods, scientific results and the basic publications is stated. As an example records of the seismic events received in a season of supervision 2007 are shown.

Bondarets Dm.
Directions of the Rational Usage of Resourses in Agrarian Landscapes of Zaporozhia Region
In the article perspective directions of the rational usage of resources of the agrarian landscapes Zaporizhia region is described. Among such directions is transition to organic agriculture, introduction of the ploughless system, integration of agrarian landscapes with ecological network, and development of rural green tourism is specified.

Vlasova A.
Hydrological and Hydroecological Characteristic of Malyi Salgyr River
The statistical treatment of long-term indexes of middle annual flow of Malyi Salgyr river were carried out and the curve of providing is build. The hydroecological state of Malyi Salgyr river is studied. In different areas of river were taken samples of water, and the analysis on determination of concentration of the NO, ions in it were carried out. The index of the ecological state is calculated, areas with the unstable and stable state are exposed.

Garkusha L.Y.
Landscape Structure and Ecological Features of Hornbeam Forests in Mountain Crimea
In article the results long-term monitoring (on key sites) and routing researches the Crimea mountain grab forests have been generalized. The ecology-geographical and fitocenotipycol the analysis was presented. Are structure, natural renewal and nature protection have been considered.

Gelevera О.F., Gulvanskyi I.М.
A Problem Dehumification Agrolandshaft of Kirovograds Region
A Composition of humus in plowing horizon on the region of Kirovograd with 1882 to 2006 reducing in average with 5,5 to 4,1, that is 1,4%. Today renewal a fertility chernozem one must beginn with struggle with them erosion forested regions and essential decrease her plowing, only that a good result give application fertilization and ameliorant.

Golubtsov O., Mysnyk S.
Seasonal Conditions of Forming Migrational Structure of the Territory (as a pattern of the landscapes of Dymer model polygon)
It is proved the usage of the conception of seasonal state of the landscape as a model of hydrothermal migrational situations of different time. It is ascertained the classification scheme of migrational structures. The peculiarities of forming of migrational structure of the territory are determined on the basis of complex consecutive analysis of the landscape structure, landscape-geochemical and landscape-geophysical conditions on the example of the model polygon of Dymer Complex Geographical Research Centre.

Dyeneko А.Y.
Depicting of the Crimean Landscape by means of Museum Exposition
Here are considered the means of depicting the Crimean landscape, their components by the use of museum exposition. Here is revealed the contribution of Grigory Yevdokimovich Grishankov into study of the Crimeanlandscape, the history of depicting the landscape by means of museum exposition, the methods of museum demonstration of the components those of the nature as well as the nature complexes, considered their usage by way of illustration the two expositions of the Crimean Republican institution "Central museum of Tavrida".

Dragan N.A.
Correlation of Natural and Antropogenous Negative Processes in Soils of Crimea
The conditionality of natural (primary) and anthropogenous (second) processes in soils of Crimea is considered. The analysis of reasons of origin and progress trend of the second processes is given. Geography of display of negative soil processes in connection with natural factors is shown. The ways of prevention of development of degradation of soil cover of Crimea are marked.

Zarubina А., Semenuk I.
Social-Ecological Aspects of Kirovograd Regional Econet Forming
Social-Ecological Aspects of Kirovograd Regional Econet forming are analyzed while taking into account specific features of kirovograd region. The perspectives of landscape - environmental optimization of the region that should make a positive influence upon ecological-social-economical situation in region are defined.

Karpez K.M.
Estimation of the State of the Rivers of Territory of Kharkov (there is Kharkov on an example)
Certainly indexes of quality of water Kharkiv and their spatio-temporal analysis is conducted. Comparatively chemical composition of the river after seasons.

Kynal' О.W.
Mezoclimatic Properties of Ukrainian Carpathians Landscapes
The peculiarities of climatic elements fields within the limits of natural regions of Ukrainian Carpathians are investigated in the article. The features of display of mezzo-scale atmospheric processes and their consequences were cleared up. An analysis of causes of meteosituations origin, which are dangerous for the landscapes condition, was carried out. Mezoclimatic characteristics of landscapes are made, and certain features of their meteorological differences were defined.

Lesya Kovalska
Morphology of Sulfate Underground Karst Forms in the Limited Territory Pomyarka
The article reveals morphological characteristic of the separate underground karst forms in the limited territory Pomyarka, which is included to Galytsky National Natural Park of Blyudivsky forestry. The caves have been emphasized as local-group situated, dedicated to cliffs of south and north exposition with absolute limits of entrance with 275-280 meters.

Komlev A.
Burial Relief' Reflects in Relief and Landscapes of the Right-Coastal Planning Territory of Ukraine
Burial relief of geomorpholithosphere are reflected in surface relief and determined main features of spatial structure landscapes. This is shown of comparison of plastics of the right-coastal planning territory of Ukraine. There were exposed of types of their ratios which are permitted to research of inside and external forms of part of geomorpholithosphere of which is influenced on landscapes.

Maslova N.N.
The Demonstration of Social-Cultural Border in Landscapes of the Central Ukraine
The idea of social-cultural border as inalienable component of research of social-cultura peculiarities of regions are considered in this scientific article. The substance of the natural and social-cultural border on the territory of modern Kirovograd region are opened here. The appear of the role of landscapical variety of the territory of modern Kirovograd region in process of settling the land and the formed of its social-cultural peculiarities during of historical development of territory and on the modern stage.

Miroshnichenko А.I.
List of Fishes' Vermins in Crimea on to Hosts (with show of reservoirs and fauna complexes)
The list generalizes the author's data on the distribution offish parasites in hosts and water bodies of Crimea.

Mykhailov V.A.
The Spatial Organization of Landscapes the Crimean Sivash Bay Area
In article the problem of variety of types of the spatial organization of landscapes of the Crimean peninsula on an example the Sivash bay area is considered. The role of intraregional laws is in detail covered.

Novikova L.N., Novikov Ju.A.
Geochemical Classification of Crimean Landscapes and their Techogeneous Pollution
Landscape-geochemical map of Crimea with the scale 1:500 000 became the basis for leading of complex ecologically-geochemical investigations of different scales. Zones, subzones, classes, kinds and sorts of geochemical landscapes are marhed out. High vulnerability of mountain-forest and mountain-meadow landscapes to techogeneous contamination is established.

Ochremenko I.V.
Landscape Basement of the Geoecological Assessment (on the example of plain Crimea)
The landscape basis of the geoecological assessment was worked out. The landscape was viewed as one of the main for geoecological estimation. There were chosen, the role, the meaning, the place and the way of the landscape specialties in the system of complex geoecological estimation (on the example plain Crimea).

Panin A.G.
Bases of Landscape Rayoning of the Western Crimean Foothills
The author's variant of division of Western Crimean Foothills on landscapes different from others are considered. The recommendations of Prof. N.A. Solntsev for content of individual landscape are maximally accorded.

Pasynkov А.А.
Features of Geomorphological Structure of Continental Slope's Prominence to the Black Sea in Foros
The geomorphology of Foros ledge continental slopes on the Black sea is considered. The features of his geomorphologic structure are described. It is set that the foot of slope is complicated the system of extensive billows and ditches, being the geomorphologic reflection of area of joining of the Black sea cavity with orogen of Mountain Crimea. The exposed system associates in single whole with a structural stitch at the foot of the Eomonosovsky submarine massive.

Pasynkova L.A.
Landscapes of Continental Slope of the Black Sea: Principles of it's Single out and Description
The landscapes of the Black sea continental slope make an original transitional link from the biologically highly productive systems of landscapes of shelf to before to the lifeless systems of deep-water bed considered practically. It is the difficult dynamic systems, consisting of marine waters, biota, various ground precipitations, bound by between itself the streams of matter and energy.

Penno М.V., Vishnevsky S.O.
Cultural Landscapes of Palace-Park Complexes and Resort Parks of South Coast of Crimea and its Modern Importance
Contemporary concepts about cultural landscape are examined. Are shown the special features of the topographical parks of the Southern coast of the Crimea as goal-directed the created cultural landscapes, their functions are determined.

Pikulenko О.V.
Photosynthesisly Active Radiation as a Component of Power Balance of an Agricultural Vegetative Community on Example of Echinacea Purpurea (L.) Moench Plantation
Approaches to studying power balance of agricultural vegetative community are considered. On an example of a long-term plantation of Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench influence of agrotechnical receptions of cultivation on operating ratio photosynthesisly is shown to active solar radiation by a plant.

Posachenyuk Е.А., Timchenko Z.V.
Modem Landscapes of the Limenka River Basin
Informations about the river and her basin, the use natural resources, the water balace and the water economy balace, and the the basin approach in the natural use, the landscape of the river basin.

Prokopova A.
The Main Stages of Research Crimean Prisivashe
In work the basic history stages of research of Crimean Prisivashya since the end of a 19 age to our time are considered. Territory is studied during many years and is the enough studied region, however, from point of recreational geography this territory was not explored . Only for some time past Crimean Prisivashe became a research object for the perspective use in recreational purposes, what in future to «disburden» South Shore of Crimea. In work the descriptive and analytical methods of research were used.

Proskurnyak М.М.
Structural Organization of Karst Landscapes in Kungur's Forest-Steppe
Discovered the peculiarities and general regularity of lateral and vertical organisation of karst landscapes of the Kungur forest-steppe on the level of species of landscapes, localities.

Sakhnova N.S., Shumsky V.M.
Metodical Approaches to Typification of Mountain Objects in Crimea for Development of Mountaineering as Variety of Extreme Tourism
The article deals with the problem of the status of rock climbing in the structure of economic activity as well as the issue concerning the prospects of rock-climbing development in the mountainous Crimea for different categories of tourists, those who prefer adventure holidays in particular. Also, it contains the typology of objects for rock climbing according to the degree of their development and availability for use.

Skripnik Y.P.
General and Different in Agricultural Landscape System of Prut-Siret Area in Bukovina
In article geographical features of influence of agricultural activity of the person on an environment in terrain between Prut and Siret of Bukovina are considered. It is determined that in process agro genesis have arisen complex multifunctional agricultural landscape systems. The author of article analyzes factors of development of these systems, their structure, functions and also are done with an agricultural landscape zoning of terrain.

Sockova L.M., Siric V.F., Egorova U.V.
Modern Mode Natural Make Use and Way of Preservation of Ecological Potential of Landscapes Kazantip of Natural Reserve
The ecological potential of the Kazantip natural reserve on the basis of use of natural resources is taken into consideration in the work. Regulatory and social measures aimed at ecological potential preservation, ecological monitoring and bioindicational on the territory of the Kazantip natural reserve have been determined.

Suhoruchenko S.K.
The Regressive Equations Deformation and Strength Characteristics Lower Cretaceous Clays of the Crimean Foothill
In article are put the regressive equations deformational and strength characteristics for natural and natural-technical complexes lower cretaceous clays of the Crimean Foothill under increasing influence to economic activity of the person.

Timchenko Z.V.
Generalization the Observations of Maximum and Minimum the Year Flowing for the Rivers of Crimea
As a result of supervisions the correlations for calculation of maximal and minimum annual flow's modules for Crimean rivers are got.

Tikhonenkova E.G., Ivanyutin N.М.
Influence of Anthropogenic Activity on the Ecological State of Geological Environment and Geochemical Landscapes of the Donuzlav Lake
The geological environment and geochemical subaqual landscapes of the Donuzlav lake have changed under the influence of the anthropogenic activity. This is expressed in the spatial change of types of subaqual geochemical landscapes and contamination their heavy metals 1 and 2 classes of danger.

Turega O.N., Kovalevska Y.O., Pugach M.N.
Along the Coast Hydrolithodynamics on Crimean Shelf
The lithodinamic processes of north of the Black Sea pool in Ukraine are poorly studied. In such situation the materials of former researches by association "Krymgeologiya", by institute of hydromechanics SA of Ukraine are priceless, first of all they are priceless because of catastrophic beach and waterside bar destruction in the Kalamitskiy and Feodosiyskiy bays.

Fed'ko S.F.
Landscape Representativeness in Econet of Chernihiv Region
In the article the analysis of Chernigov area landscape structure is spent, the question of representative landscapes in structure econet of territory is discussed and the introduction of the additional biocentre for expansion of a landscape variety in econet structure of this territory is offered.

Holyavchuk D.I.
The Estetic-Recreational Properties of Landscapes of the Mudium Dnister Valley
Dnister canyon as one of the most aesthetic attractive flat landscape region is viewed. Main regional natural recreation properties which form landscape aesthetic perception are determined. Aesthetic value of morphological, lithological, biotic and climatic component landscape heterogeneities on the river valley example are analyzed.

Petro Chernega
Anthropogenic Transformation of the Landscapes in the Malyi Siret River Valley at the PreCarpathians
The river valleys landscapes at foothills has some specific character. It is caused by the influence of the neighboring mountain system. On the foothill part of the malyi siret river valley the terrace country predominate. The economical activity in this area essentially differ from the bordering territories.

Shvets А.В.
The Feature of Interaction of Dominating Ethnoses in Cultural Landscapes of Modern Crimea
The reasons of change dominating in ethnic history of Crimea Slavonian-orthodox ethnoses and Turku-muslim ethnoses on materials of the statistical reporting of the middle XVIII are considered - the beginnings of XXI centuries. Are resulted results of division into districts of territory of modern Crimea on a parameter ethnic diversity.

Shevtchuk A.G.
The Typology of Processes in Ethno-Confessional Space of Crimea
The article runs about the typology process of nations and religions in the Crimea. It brings about regional specificity of this process, it's problems, contradictions and disputes. In the article is given an analysis of Crimean Tatar's accommodations and problems of Orthodoxy and Islam geography.

Natural Landscape of Loessial "Islands" in Chernihiv Polesye: Anthropogenic Transformations
In the article the author shows the location and the characteristics of the loessial "islands" landscape in Chernihiv Polesye and gives the assay concerning its practical use and transformations.

Yavorska О.G.
Advent Types of the РОАСЕАЕ Family (the rail way plants group) on Territory of Kiev City Agglomeration
Information about growth on territory of Kiev city agglomeration (KCA) 27 advent species of the Роасеае family (the group of railway plants) is given. Time of skidding of noaborigines plants is specified, location and character of spreading on the KCA territory, extent of naturalization and primary natural areas, information about modern spreading species on territory of Ukraine and location in limits of the secondary natural area is given.