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Vol. 22 (61) № 1. 2009


Azimov O.T.
Perspective of searching the unanticline and combination oil and gas traps on the integral  interpretation of remote sensing data
The results of aerospace geological investigation of a zonal scale within the Central trough of the DnieperDonets depression are highlighted. On a base of the results there are picked out the promising areas for  searching of oil and gas traps in the Upper Visean terrigenous sediments of the Lower Carboniferous.

Barladin A.V., Mykolenko L.I., Skavronsky V.P.
A use of ArcGIS for integration and actualization vector and raster according to planmaps and sharts in land management problems
We have analysed features of technology of use the geoinformation systems for integration and actualization  according to plan-maps and sharts in land management problems. We have considered the basic questions of  use SC-63 as the standard system of coordinates for land management.

Grygorieva I.S, Matviychuk E.V., Shypulin V.D.
Pilot project of creation of cadastre GIS by the tools of  Cadastral Editor
The experience related to the pilot introduction Cadastral Editor for forming of cadastre GIS is expounded. On  the limited territory cadastre material (Cadastral Fabric), which contains the continuous surface of the lot lands  bound connected by common points and adjusted by survey methods, is created.

Ephimov S., Selezneva O.
GIS going near mapping of closeness of population of Autonomous Republic  of Crimea
In the article on the example of Autonomous Republic Crimea the features of GIS-analysis of closeness of  population are described at regional level.

Ischuk А.А.
GIAS ES - Base Model of the Global Informational and Analytical Space for  Departmental IAS of Ukraine.
In article are taken up questions of Ukrainian departmental information and analytical systems (IAS)  development. An example of departmental IAS base model is the Governmental Information and Analytical  System of Ukraine on Emergency situations (GIAS ES).

Karpenko S.А
Geoinformational support to the function of the object record in regional territorial  management systems
The article analyses geoinformational support to the function of the object record within the framework of data  collection for territorial development management. The key elements of this support are cadastre  informational systems, subsystems of environmental monitoring, various registries, sanitary and hygiene  along with socio-economic statistic data. Also, the article substantiates administrative use of digital passports  for territories of rural communities for local governing purposes. The passports are understood as local  informational system for a subject of state administration which integrates all kinds of information flows on  this level.

Kobets M.I.
Modeling of agricultural land market using geoinformational technologies.
Paper presents simplified model of Ukrainian agricultural land market. Application of this model in GIS  allows investigating regional peculiarities of agricultural land market formation, land parcels pricing and also  market functioning after lifting of moratorium on agricultural land selling.

Kuznetsov M.M.
GIS-technologies as tool in the method of the rent estimation of development of territorial  settler is the reproduction system
Analysed development of territorial settler is the reproduction system under influencing of the rent factor.  The method of the rent estimation of development of territorial settler is the reproduction system is grounded.  Application is examined GIS - technologies in the study of formative rent resources of territorial settler is the  reproduction system.

Lytvyn I.A., Panasyuk M.I., Kulyba V.A.
GIS-project for radiohydroecological monitoring of the object  «Shelter» and industrial ground of Chernobyl NPP
In the article is considered created GIS-project for radiohydroecological monitoring of the object «Shelter»  and industrial ground of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Examples of data analysis of the  radiohydroecological monitoring are resulted with the GIS-technological using.

Matvienko S.A.
Theoretical and technical preconditions for development of the relativistic geodesy
Now global navigating satellite systems (GNSS) are widely applied, including the decision of problemsof a  geodesy. However the problem of definition of parameters of a gravitational field of Earth (GFE) in an any  point in real time (RT) till now is solved. In article is analyzed the opportunity of the decision of this problem  with help GNSS with use of relativistic effect of displacement of electromagnetic radiation frequency by  gravity, that has received the name of a radiophysical method of definition GFE.

Prikhodko S. J., Taranets R.M., Matvienko S.A.
The new approach to the analysis of behaviour of the  hills
The mathematical model describing behaviour of a hills at influence on it of mass forces is offered. Conditions  on parameters of a problem are found at which geotectonic infringements are possible.

Saltovets A.A., Sokolova O. S.
State-of-the-art of GIS-component Governmental InformationalAnalytical system on emergency situations
Development of GIS-component of Governmental Informational and Analytical system of emergency  situations is described. Description of the most considerable aspects of system database structure modification  are quoted. Input data which booted in geobase and technologies of their processing are described.

Stadnikov V.V.
Improved technology engineering and geodesic works in the production of the GIS  industry
This paper is devoted to finding ways to improve technology in the design of geodesic geographic information  systems industry. An analysis of the possibilities of modern electronic survey equipment of leading world  producers. The analysis of information security of software tools for leading companies. Reviewed in detail  the structure of the data files of ESRI. It is concluded that the possibility of importing data from electronic  devices and their subsequent processing in accordance with pre-established classification. The work builds on  experience gained during the project to develop GIS «Master Plan «Odessa Sea Commercial Port».

Stankevich S.A., Titarenko O.V.
Remote sensing and geophysical data fusion technique for oil and gas  prospecting
The technique for multispectral imagery and geophysical spatial data fusion on the basis of statisticalinformation model is offered. The result of data fusion is the quantitative thematic map of possible oil and gas  deposit within the explored area. The sufficient consistency between the obtained estimations and exploratory  drilling outputs is provided.

Stefanovich A., Karpenko S., Gluschenko I., Kaydansky V., Epikhin D.
The creation of the territorial  database of the Sakskiy district of the Crimea
The main methods to creating territorial informative database of the rural administrative district were  characterized in the article. The composition and structure of the geoinformation layers, which are the  complements of the database, were described. This territorial database was realized on a model object –  Sakskiy administrative district of the Crimea.

Tkachenko V., Guba M., Manakova N., Ovramenko V.
Experience of development of the Chuguev’s  earth-informative system
General descriptions of the system are considered, including a purpose, setting of the system, its place in  general municipal GIS; programmatic and architectural features, and also interface and informative space of  the system. As a result there are the novelty of development and prospect of development of the considered  earth-informative system.

Ugarov S., Ephimov S., Kazakova G.
Application of Geoinformation technologies in  the index-cadastral mapping
In the article experience of application of geoinformation technologies is described at creation of  index-cadastral map of the Autonomous Republic Crimea. Recommendations on the account of  properties of cartographic projections are formulated at drawing a map in behalf of organization of  the land using.

Philozoph R.S.
Experience of integration of heterogeneous information in the geoinformational nature  protection and ecological projects
In the article the technological chart of integration of heterogeneous information in the single  geoinformational system and creation of single base of geographical information is offered. Classification is  given and principle of selection of information is described on basic signs. The example of successful  application of the offered chart is resulted in a project creation of regional landscape park «Golosiiv».

Shypulin V.D., Patrakeev I.M.
Optimization of networks for maintenance of roads by the tools of GIS analysis
The decision on optimization of networks for maintenance of roads by communal road-operating enterprises  Kharkov is resulted by the tools of GIS-analysis. The created structure of street-road networks of service  promotes in 1,5 – 1,2 times the efficiency of the use of park of harvesters due to the compact structure of areas  of service, minimizes the volume of moving of harvesters on the real paths.