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Vol. 22 (61) № 2. 2009



Pozachenyuk E.A.
The Modern Landscapes of the Snake Island
Following work is devoted to the landscape researches led in the summer 2008 on the Snake island. The structure of modern landscapes presented by geosystems, consisting of natural and anthropogenic components was characterized.

Dragan N.A.
The Structure of a Soil Cover of the Yalta Mountain-Wood Natural Reserve
In clause results of research of the soil cover structure and soils in the territory of the Yalta mountainwood natural reserve are stated. Natural conditionality and laws of spatial distribution of the soils in connection with litology-eomorphological factors of soil formation is considered. The made card-scheme of a soil cover of territory of the reserve is presented.

Ergina E.I.
Features of Modern Process of Soils Formation in Crimea
In the article the theoretical aspects of study the process of soil formation are examined in modern terms оn areas with soils with different-age soils. The mathematical modeling of humus horizon forming process is conducted in time. The prognoses models of soils formation are conducted taking into account the tendencies of modern changes of climate.

Baikov A.M.
Separate Lacks and Ways of Optimization of Existing System of Monitoring of a Surrounding Environment of Autonomous Republic Crimea (on an example of System of Monitoring of Republican Committee of Autonomous Republic Crimea on Protection of a Surrounding Environment)
Supervision of monitoring over a condition of a surrounding environment are the basic supplier of the information for definition of influence of the person on an environment, preparation of the forecast of development of a situation and a substantiation of administrative decisions. From that, the system of monitoring how much effectively functions, accuracy of estimations of our influence on the nature and correctness of accepted decisions depends.

Borovskaya R.V.
System of Satellite Biooceanologic Monitoring of the Azov-Black Sea Basin
On the basis of pictures received by YugNIRO since 1988 the monitoring scheme, methods of satellite pictures’ processing and analysis for tracking the processes of the sea surface temperature field formation (vortexes, upwellings), ice conditions and pollution of the Azov and Black Seas was developed in order to increase the effectiveness of the fishing fleet operations and nature protection activities. The scheme proposed can be used in other research centres.

Boborykina O.V.
Geophysical Observatory of Taurida V.Vernadsky National University Monitoring in 2008 year
Work is devoted to the researches which have been carried out in Geophysical observatory of TNU in 2008 year. The records of earthquakes registered by Laser interferometer-deformograph are resulted.

Vakhrushev I.B.
Calcareous Tracks of the Partenit Amphitheatre like an Elements of Geological, Seismological and Conservation Structure of the Southern Coast of Crimea
Geological, seismological and conservation particularities of big calcareous tracts of the Southern Coast of Crimea (from Partenit to Alushta) were studied. New big calcareous tracts with characteristic of them were described too.

Karpets Yu.N.
The Genesis and Structure of Eastern Part of Volyn Upland
Genesis and structure of landscapes are described on Volyn upland basin on the expeditionary, literary and fund materials.

Mykhailov V.A.
Morphology and Dynamics of the Snake Island
In the article examined types of banks of the Snake island, their connection with a geological structure, built maps of banks of island. For every type calculation speeds of abrasion and volume of material, entering waterside area as a result of it are given.

Panov B.N.
Long-term and Seasonal Changes of Surface Atmospheric Motion at Black Sea Region
The pressure-field analysis of the seasonal and interannual variability (since 1960) of the expansion coefficients above the Black Sea according to the Chebyshev polynomial allowed to state that during the last two decades zonal transfers bear the most changes, in the seasonal aspect – all the parameters of the winter atmospheric circulation (the average pressure increase, replacing of the eastern transfer dominated before by the western one and of the southern – by the northern one). The prevailing cyclicity of oscillations is 3-4 years, 8-9 years, and 14 years.

Parubets O.V.
The Climate Change in Crimea
The tendencies of air temperature change and quantity of an atmospheric precipitation throughout a 80-year interval of time in Crimea are considered. Trends and recurrence of climatic indicators are revealed.

Pikulenko O.V.
The Influence of Geographical Factors of Foothills of the Main Ridge of the Crimean Mountains on Dynamics of Biologically Active Substances’ Accumulation in Herbs
In the article is shown the influence of geographically caused factors on accumulation of biologically active substances by herbs on example of echinacea purple, cultivated in conditions of foothills of the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains.

Pugach M.N.
The Modern Condition of Coastal Territories and Water Areas of the Kerch Mould District
Sources, types and objects of influence on coastal territories and water areas of Kerch mould were determined in this work. The ways of prevention of unfavourable consequences the measures of checking of ecological state in zone of possible negative influence of sea trade port, sea fish port and Kerch ship repairing factory were recommended.

Skrebets G.N.
Equatorial Zone of a Continental Shelf of Eastern Sector of the Atlantic Ocean
The basic features of the equatorial zone’s nature of the East Atlantic shelf are revealed. Radical differences of oceanological conditions and biological structure of waters of this zone from the next equatorial pelageal zone of the open ocean, testifying about its isolation are shown.

Smirnov V.О.
Water Mode of Soils of Preserve „The Mart'yan cape" and its Communication with the Geotopologycal Parameters of the Territory
The mode of humidity of soils of the preserve «Mart'yan Cape», and change of humidity dynamics of soils depending on character of vegetation, geotopologycal parameters of the territory are considered. It is shown that brown soils of the explored region are formed in the conditions of the periodically washying water mode.

Tamaychuk A.N.
The Peculiarities of Space Structure of the North-Western Part of the Black Sea
The processes of physico-geographical differentiation and integration in the north-western part of the Black Sea define by the peculiarities of its natural conditions: shallow and considerable volumes of river flow. Accordingly the leading factors, which form the space structure of the north-western part of the Black Sea, come forwards the morphology of its bottom and the character of interaction of different rivers flow. In accordance with the local peculiarities of combination this factors form the distinguishing features of its geographical districts.

Тimchenko Z.V.
Calculation of Characteristics of the Change of the Annual Runoff of the Rivers of
Crimea with the Known Consumption of the Karst Spring without the Hydrometric Observers

In result of generalization of the information of the hydrometric observers and with the help of the promise parameters were receiving correlations for the calculation of characteristics of the change of the water flowing for one year of the rivers of Crimea with the known karst spring without the hydrometric observers.

Turega O.N.
The Ecological State of the Danube’s Coastal Territories
Danube coastal territory is one of the most polluted parts of water area of the Black sea. Danube introduces about 83 million tons of the weighed substances that are saturated with harmful ingredients, heavy metals, microelements and pollutants are besieged in the zone of geochemical barrier. Danube’s waters are alkaline, there are deficit of oxygen, there are some zones of hypooxia, high concentration of phosphates, especially in the weighed substances (the concentration is two times higher), high concentration of nitrates (the concentration is twenty times higher), concentration of petroleum is also higher as usual (except of winter period), high level of organic and mineral pollution; this could cause degradation of ecosystems.


Yakovenko E.V.
Problem of Innovations of the Crimean Tourism-Recreational Product
In the article the general state and problems of development of food, technological and organized innovations of tourism-recreational complex of Crimea is considered. The ways of optimization of innovative process are offered.

Voronin I.N.
Forming of Global City as a Result of Influence of Processes of globalization and Informatization on the System of the Settling Apart
In the article the basic factors of influencing of historical processes of globalization and informatization are examined on the system settling apart and forming of the so-called "global city". The territorialhierarchical structure of new types of the settlements based on the processes of globalization and informatization is offered.

Voronina A.B.
Geographical Constituent in Determination of the Definition «Tourism»
In the article the basic aspects of geographical constituent in determination of the definition «tourism» are considered.

Gamaliy I.P.
The Ecology and Geographical Analysis of Active Engineering Buildings and Administrative Subsystems of the Water Landscape Engineering Systems of the River Ross
The results of ecology and geographical analysis of blocks (subsystems) of the water landscape engineering systems – administrative subsystems and engineering buildings of the probed basin are resulted in the article. Influence, interaction (co-operation), intercommunications of activity and functioning of these blocks, their modern state are analysed.

Gladkey A.V.
The peculiarities of Development of Economic Efficiency in Monocentric Industrial Agglomerations of the Ukraine
The peculiarities of development of economic efficiency of monocentric industrial agglomerations are disclosed. The estimation of economic efficiency of Ukrainian industrial agglomeration’s development is proposed. The recommendations for optimization of functional structure of industrial complex of agglomerations are defined.

Gurov S.A.
Geographical Research of Crisis Processes in the Market of the Inhabited Real Estate of Ukraine
The article describes factors and geographical tendencies of crisis in the market of the inhabited real estate of Ukraine. Territorial features of development of the pivotal elements of the market for last year are analysed.

Kiselev А.С.
Decision of International Court of United Nations on a Border-Line Dispute between Ukraine and Romania in the Light of World Practice of Permission of Analogical Territorial Conflicts
In the article main litigions moments are selected in the polemic of Ukraine and Romania concerning differentiating of continental shelf and exceptional economic area of these countries in the Black sea. Accordance of decision of International Court UNO is examined in the dispute of Ukraine and Romania to world practice of permission of analogical disputes in international organizations.

Kiseleva N.V.
Political and Geographical Elements of the Ukrainian State as Transition Preconditions ot Unicameral Parliament to Bicameral Parliament
In the article results over of comparative analysis of countries are brought with the bicameral structure of parliaments. The results of this analysis show existence of dependence between the bicameral structure of parliament and The results of this analysis show existence of dependence between the bicameral structure of parliament and politiko-geograficheskimi elements of the states.

Kovalevskaya Y.O.
The Influence of the Heating Plant and Port of the Kamysh-Burun on Temporary State of the Atmospheric Air of the Ordgonikidze District
One of the most important problems of the Kerch peninsula is the protection of the atmospheric air, the main sources of pollution are enterprises and transport. The influence of the heating plant and port of the Kamysh-Burun on temporary state of the atmospheric air of the Ordgonikidze district is considered in this work. Measures on reduction of emissions and protection of the air were characterized.

Kuznetsov M.M.
Humanistic and Rent Factors of Development of Settlements Integration in Autonomous Republic Crimea
Modern development settlements integrations Autonomous Republic Crimea under the influence of the humanistic and rent factor is considered. Formation settlement-reproductions systems Autonomous Republic Crimea is proved. Humanistic aspects territorial settlement-reproductions systems are analyzed.

Nikipelova O.M.
Complex Estimation of Natural Territory of Sanatorium "Sosnovy bor" of the Poltava Area in Relation to a Grant to it Status of Resort of Local Value
The complex estimation of natural territory of sanatorium is conducted “Sosnovy bor” and village of Vlasivka of Zenkovsky district of the Poltava area. It is proved that this natural territory conforms to the requirements of Law of Ukraine "About resorts" in relation to a grant to it status of resort of local value.

Petrogradskaya A.S.
Ethnic and Demographical Structure of the Modern Crimean Society
The article is characterized ethnic and demographical structure of the population of the Crimean peninsula, according to the census of 2001. Changes in the number and age-sex composition of the major ethnic groups in Crimea that had occurred between the census 1989 and census 2001 were analyzed.

Sakhnova N.S., Makarevich E.N.
The Territory Arrangement Model of Medical Care of the ARC Population
The article describes the medical care system of the population in the key ARC regions with emphasis on its territory arrangement, its hierarchical character, structural subdivisions of the territory service system. Also it reveals the forms of the medical care territory arrangement.

Sidorchuk I.B.
Criteria of Poverty and Indexes of its Determination
In the article there is criteria of poverty are considered. Maintenance of basic indexes of poverty opens up. The picture of indexes reflecting the regional constituent of poverty is given.

Tagan T.A.
Possibility of Using the Traditional Measures of Inequality at Study of Territorial Recreational Inequality
The analysis of the most widespread traditional measures of inequality such as Lorentz curve, the Gini coefficient, the Teyl index, the variation coefficient is conducted. Estimation to possibility of using the specified measuring devices at the study of territorial recreational inequality is given.

Shvets A.B.
Geographical Maintenance of Sociolcultural Transformations on Postsoviet Space
Structural components of sociolcultural transformations of region is examined. Essence of the concept «Sociolcultural transformations» opens up. The role of the territory change in the context of historical development and forming of its sociolcultural features comes to light.

Yakovlev A.N.
The Religious Factor of Ethnos and Faithes Conflictnesses in Modern Crimea. Stages of Development, Localization
The basic approaches in research of the religious conflict are analyzed, its place in structure of social conflicts is defined. Features of development of religious contradictions in modern Crimea, their spatial localisation are considered.