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Vol. 23 (62) № 1. 2010


Aleksashkin I.V., Klimenko A.M., Gorbunov R.V.
Analisis of the density's  contamination radioactive nuclide 137Cs and 90Sr in physiographic areas in Crimea.
The soiling the Crimean peninsula was considered by the long-living radioactive nuclide 137Cs and 90Sr. The nature of the spatial distribution density of the contamination by radioactive isotope was analyzed.  Also was analyzed the reasons of spottiness.

Bagrova L.A., Garkusha L.Ya.
The Environment-forming value of artificial planting.
The artificial forests, wind-break-zones, parks, park-forests have very importance for forming high  qualities of the natural environment. These functions are supporting the environment parameters and  ecological balance that are especially valuable for climatic resort regions. The important role of artificial  plantings and special nature protection modes in Crimea are considered.

Baydikov K.A.
Features of economic development and antropogenous transformation of forest landscapes ( on example of the Zaporozhye area ).
The processes of dynamic of the forest landscapes under the influence of human activities on the  territory of modern Zaporizhzhya region is considered. The data on forest plantations in the region from  Herodotus to the present times were analyzed. The preriodiс of formation of antropogenious forest landscapes  of the area.

Vakhrushev I.B.
Touristic advertising in Internet space of Ukraine and SNG.
In the article pressing questions of a marketing strategy of an advertising direction of travel companies  and the organizations on the Internet are considered. Specificity, a problematics and the analysis of tourist  advertising as basic instrument for advancement tourist a product on the network market are advanced.  A number of approaches to studying and ordering advertising the information Internet in tourism are allocated.

Kalfa T.F.
Envairomental education in school.
Environmental education involves knowledge and understanding of the environmental laws of nature,  the interaction between man and nature, methods and forms of environmental work, knowledge of the  principles of environmental ethics, the concept of value of nature, knowledge of environmental regulations  resolve conflicts between man and nature, formation of ecological culture of the students.

Kovalevskaya Yu.O.
The contemporaty ecological state of the landscapes of the Ordzhonikidze's district in Kerch.
The question of research of the state of damaged soils of the Ordzhonikidze’s district is urgent  nowadays because of absence of any monitoring of the state of the soils of Kerch, it can cause many
complications, first of all it could be problems that are connected with influence of polluted soils on the  human’s health.

Kuznetsov A.G., Kuznetsov Al.G.
Geomorphological description south-west part of the Piedmount Crimea.
Geomorfological description of south-west part of piedmount Crimea is resulted, genetic types and  podtipi of relief of region are selected and described. The problems of antropogeny influence on the litogeny  basis of quest relief of foot-hill are considered.

Lisetsky F.N., Ergina E.I.
Climate-driven soil-forming processes in CRIMEA.
Opportunities for assessing the impact of climate on soil formation process of the meteorological data of  tool period were established. The likely magnitude of between-century shifts in regional climate system for  Holocene determine the possibility of pulsing the migration of soil-geographical subzones in the steppe part of  Crimea and significant in-formation velocity fluctuations humus horizon of soil in comparison with the terms  of the late Holocene.

Parubets O.V.
The irrigation influense of an air temperature and ABC-method.
The irrigation influence of an air temperature within the irrigated lands in Crimea is considered. The  hypothesis about that the air temperature decreases because of irrigation for two experimental points is  confirmed. The model of irrigation influence on the air temperature on the basis of the AВС-method is  constructed.

Samokhin G.V.
Modern karstic research in Dolgorukovsky massif ( The Crimea ).
Modern karstic and speleological researches in Dolgorukovsky massif have been analyzed. The Tufa  areas of the valley of the river Burulcha have been described. The schemes and descriptions of new  underground caves of the massif are presented. The latest discoveries in the Red cave have been covered.

Sukhoruchenko S.K.
Modern denudation processes nummulitic limestone's of the central part of Crimean mountains in the district t. Simferopol.
In article are considered result more then ten years of the studies to velocities denudation nummulitic  limestone’s middle eocene in the district t. Simferopol. The maded estimation correlation connection between  velocity denudation and meteorological factor.

Tamaychuk A.N.
The peculiarity of regional differentiation of deep-see part of the Black Sea.
The specific peculiarity of regional differentiation of deep-sea part of the Black Sea is predominance the  morphologycal factor of differentiation. Configuration of the coasts, shape of the pit and relief of sea bottom  cause the concentric distribution in its deep-sea part geographical characteristics with the most express  alterations from the seaboard districts towards the high sea.

Turega O.N.
The Ecological situation of the Dnestr estuary and of the same name coast.
According to generalization of data the charcteristic of geologically geochemical state of the lndscapes  of Dnestr’s gulf and coastal territory was represented.

Bagrova L.A.
Studying-scientific tourism.
Features of carrying out of educational and scientific excursions are considered. Their value is  emphasized for formation of ecological culture of the population. Information-cognitive resources of the  Crimean peninsula are characterized. The store knowledge and experience during student’s field excursions at  geography faculty of TVNU are of great value for tourism development.

Baykov A.M.
To the question on an estimation of indicators of social and economic development of regions.
Brief characteristic of the method of complex estimation of social and economic development of regions  of Ukraine is resulted describe in the article, its features and lacks are analysed, and also ways on its perfection  are offered.

Voronin I.M.
Geography of the Internet – a new direction of social-geographical researches.
This article about a new direction of socio-geographical researches – geography of the Internet.

Dronova E.L.
The noise, informational and electromagnetic pressure as factor of risk of the antropogenic emergency situations in big city geosystems.
The goal of the article is to substantiate the big cities noise, informational and electromagnetic loading  as factor of risk of anthropogenic emergency situations. The consequences of these influences for human beings and biota are considered in the article with emphasis on spatial development of cities.

Kiselev A.S.
Principle of peaceful permission of conflicts within the limits of world ocean and tipologiya of international territorial -marine disputes.
In the article examined principles of peaceful permission of situations of conflicts, fastened Convention  of UNO on the naval law of 1982. An author offers classification of disputes of international territorial  conflicts within the limits of the World ocean.

Kiseleva N.V.
Upper chambers of parliaments as institute of territorial representative office: world tendencies and regional differences.
In the article the results of statistical analysis of countries are presented with the bicameral structure of  general courts, which shows prevailing in forming of upper chambers of principle of representative office of  regions.

Lakomova E.Y., Shvets A.B.
Particularly socio-demographic processes in old industrial region of Krivoy Rog.
We consider the geographical aspects of demographic processes in the region with the industrial  character of the development. Emphasizes the role of social factors that determine the prospects of old  industrial regions Krivbass.

Petrogradskaya A.S.
Dinamics of quantity and settling apart of Crimean Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks and Germans (from data of censuses of XIX _ XXI og ages).
The demographic parameters of dynamics of Crimean etnosov (Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks and Germans) are analysed in the article, from data of censuses of ХIХ–ХХI of ages: to the Russian census of  1897, soviet censuses 1926 and 1939 years and to the Ukrainian census of 2001.

Tagan T.A.
Structural-logical model of cartographic researching territorial recreational inequality.
The model of the cartographic providing of studying territorial recreational inequality is examined.
Principles, aims, advantages of cartographic method, are underlined.

Chudinova L.S.
Medic-geographical aspects of rational use nature-recreational resources of ARC.
The article is describes medic-geographical aspects of rational use nature-recreational resources of Autonomous republic Crimea. The author gives special attention to medical appeal of Crimea. The most  valuable nature-recreational resources of Crimea for medicine are described. Some problems are covered.

Yakovenko E.V., Yakovenko I.M.
Trends of old resorts' innovational development.
The general condition, the problems of old resorts and the role of innovations in their development were  considered in this article. The directions of structure optimization in recreational activity in Saksky resort were  proposed.

Yakovlev A.M.
Types of interaction between the conflicting sides of socio-cultural conflictness of modern Crimea.
The problem of geographical typology in socio-cultural conflictness studies is analyzed, the basic  approaches to typology of difficult social processes are defined. The variant of carrying out of sociallygeographical typology of socio-cultural conflictness in modern Crimea is considered.