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Vol. 25 (64), № 3. 2012


Kuznetsov A. G., Blaga N. N., Beliy A. V. 
Sources of water-supply and ancient hydrotechnical buildings of district of mountain  massivu of Kiz-Kermen
Ancient hydrotechnical buildings of mountain range of Kyz-Kermen and his environs are considered in the  article. Summary geologo-geomorphological and hydrogeological description of sources of water-supply,  related to the different historical epoches is Given. Technical descriptions of buildings are resulted. 

Skrebets G. N.
Estimation of the natural diversity of the open water area of the Black sea
Calculations and maps entropy of the spatial variability of natural conditions and biomass of phytoplankton in  the open water area of the Black sea. The estimation is given to the natural diversity of water area and on this  basis held its zoning.

Smirnov. V.
Determination of wet in plant communities of the Crimean Mountains on ecomorphs cover
The definition of wet plant communities for the territory of the Crimean Mountains is discribed. Ecomorphs  combinations of plant communities and the values of coefficient of moisture for the area are defined.  The general regularities of moisture on the differentiation of vegetation are shown.

Tamaychuk A. N.
The past and the present of the Oceanological Observatory of Villefranche
The Oceanological Observatory of Villefranche have the rich history, the experience and the traditions and is  one of the leading European scientific and school centres by study of nature of the Mediterranean Sea, the sea  biology, geology, geophysics and oceanology. 

Кhizhnyak Y. S., Nesteruk O. G. 
The characteristics of control discharge waste waters when checking compliance to  water legislation sewage treatment plants
The characteristics of control discharge waste waters when checking compliance to water legislation sewage  treatment plants was described. Accountability of water escape duration calculating method has been  presented. This method based on the approved discharges in the norms of maximum permissible water escape.

Sukhoy P. O., Zayachuk M. D. 
The modern consisting and prospects of development of vegetable grooving is of Ukraine
In the article the features of development of vegetable-growing as subindustries of plant-grower of Ukraine  for period 1990-2010 years. Territorial differentiation of production of basic types of green-stuffs is  investigational in the regions of Ukraine, features of forming of balance of green-stuffs and material wellbeing by them population. The factors of influence on pricing of products of vegetable-growing, marketing  features, problems and prospects of development of industry, are certain on the whole.

Voronina G.
Animation, animation activities: essence of the concepts
In the paper determine of the concepts of “animation” and “animation activities”. Consider specific of the  animation in tourism.

Gurov S. A.
Geographical research of the prices for the inhabited real estate in Crimea
Geographical tendencies of territorial differentiation of the prices in the Crimean market of the inhabited real  estate are analyzed. Territorial price indexes of habitation, a method of pseudoisoprices in mapping of the  regional market of the inhabited real estate are used. Pricing major factors in the market of the inhabited real  estate in recreational region are defined.

Lazitskaya N. F., Yakovenko I. M. 
Geomarketing approach to the study of development perspectives of water’s recreation  in Sevastopol
The results of geomarketing approach to the studying of recreational demand for the using of water objects of  Sevastopol is considered in the article.

Malgin E. A.
History-geographical features of development of a facilities of Crimea on a boundary  XVIII and XIX centuries
Research of a condition of social and economic sphere of the Crimean peninsula on a boundary XVIII and  XIX centuries is resulted. On the basis of statistical documents (such as Cameral the description of Crimea,  documents of Management of statistics of Taurian province, etc.) to be resulted the complex characteristic of a  facilities of peninsula with use of modern techniques and approaches in studying this question. Transitive time  for economy of Crimea when the base for a basic change of economic specialization of peninsula has started  to appear, and predetermination of its further development is considered. Given clause is the first stage in  complex studying evolution of social and economic sphere of Crimea during two centuries.