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Vol. 25 (64), № 4. 2012


Bokov V. А., Chervahyev I. G. 
Displaying diversity of subject-object relations in ecological mapping: multitude of assessments  territory and responsible of compiler
Ecological mapping is essential different from the  thematic geographical, geological, soil, geobotanical  mapping associated with the relational nature of ecological knowledge. Environmental assessment of the territory is multicriteria nature that makes it necessary to seek territorial optimum. To the authors  of  environmental maps have a special responsibility as environmental assessment include economic, social and  political aspects.

Sukhova M. G., Zhuravleva O. V., Kocheeva N. A., Garms E. O.
Natural resources, as a determining factor balanced development transboundary mountain  territories (the republic of Altai)
The work is dedicated to the diagnosis of the state of nature-climatic potential of the Altai. Shows  differentiation and identified a group of administrative regions with varying degrees of compliance with  production capacity of natural resource. The tendencies of development of natural resources and ecosystem  services opportunities for mountain area.

Kholoptcev A. V., Nikiforova M. P., Zhukova T. A.
Trends in the spreading annual average values of the surface temperature Pacific  ocean under modern climate warming
It is stated that in the ХХI-st century in most part of the Pacific Ocean the downward trend in average ASST  were dominated while in the west coast of South and North America the average wind speeds declined. Due to  moving the surface waters of the Pacific Ocean by the ocean global heat conveyor as well as due to climate  warming of the southern hemisphere which took place in the ХХ-th century this phenomenon may lead to a  significant slowdown in global warming and lead to cooling in the ХХI-st century.

Blaga N.N., Krulikovsky D. V. 
Morphology of river valley Maliy Salgir in Dogorukovskij monocline massif
Article is focuses on the morphology of the Small Salgir valley within Dolgorukovsky massif. In article are  indicated the morphometric and genetic features of the slopes in different parts of the study area. Figure out  the difference in the appearance of erosion forms in the chainge of direction of its insertion in the pan-lying  layers of rock.

Gorbunov R. V., Kalinovsky P. S.
The computing method of the dissymmetry of the vegetation of slopes
In the article a new computing method of the dissymmetry of the vegetation on the slopes is proposed. The  advantages of the offered method over the traditional indices of floristic similarities that are used in classical  biological research are shown.

Dudich V. M., Gnatyak I. S.
Results of semi studies of erosion-accumulative processes in the upper Prut river basin
There were presented the results of researches of planar washout process and accumulation on the slopes in the  upper basin of the Prut River. The results were analyzed according to the amount and intensity of  precipitation.

Кhizhnyak Yu. S., Nesteruk O. G. 
Impossibility of determining damages when revealing the case of water legislation  violation in water escape
The contradictions, discovered as a result of the Instruction N 116 [1] and Methods N 389 [2] regulations  analysis, which are concerned with the impossibility to determine the damage when revealing the case of  water escape violation, are considered. These contradictions appear because of the calculation of the water  escape mass exceeding the normative according to the formula (2). The authors offer the formula (3)  according to which it's possible to remove the described contradictions.

Voronin I.
Analyzes of inbound & outbound tourism of Ukraine
In the paper analyzes the tourist’s stream of inbound and outbound tourism in Ukraine. Used for the analysis  of a large amount of official statistics. Identified the main trend of the future.

Agarkova-Lyakh I.V.
Тhe Greek-Scythian settlement Kara-Tobe – the perspective center of tourism  development in Western Crimea
In 2000 on the basis of the Greek-Scythian settlement Kara-Tobe (IV B. C. – II A. D.) in Western Crimea the  International center of experimental archeology and innovative pedagogic has been organized. The perspective  tourist directions activity of center are analyzed  in the article. The development of cultural-cognitive,  archaeological, educational, scientific, ethnographic and event types of tourism is considered.

Dugarenko I. A., Yakovenko I. M. 
Dynamics of recreational demand as a factor of evolution of the Crimean Mountains’  recreational system
The results of geo-marketing approach to the study of recreational functions of the Crimean Mountains were  considered in this article. The trends of dynamics  of recreational demand as a factor of evolution were  exposed.

Ozhegova L.A.
Method of Case Studies as an effective  form of training of students geographical  specialties
The article deals with the essence, the specific features of the method and Case Studies in teaching of students.  Technological features of the method are disclosed Case Studies. To give an idea about the nature of the  method of "brainstorming"