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Vol. 26 (65), № 4, 2013

Section 1.
Physical Geography and Geoecology

Anfimova G.V., Derevska K.I.
Monitoring of the Mount Crimea Mesozoic Stratotypes and Type Sections

Yergina E.I.
Uneven Soil Humus of the Crimean Peninsula

Yeremiia H.I.
Constantin Bratescu’s Contribution Into Development of Geographical Science

Zazdravnykh E.A.
Change of the Humus State of Meadow-Steppe Chernozems During Land-use Regulations: «Virgin Land – Arable Land – Forest Belt»

Panin A.G.
On Geobotanic Zoning and Mapping of Mountain Crimea

Sinitsyna V.V.
Modelling of Grain Crops Seeds Moisture Accumulation During the Period From Sowing to Seedling Emergence

Skrebets G.N., Bystrova, N.V.
Physical-Geographic Basis for the Design of Water Protection Zones and Coastal Protective Strips in the Southeastern Crimea

Tamaychuk A.N.
The Oceanographic Institute of Monaco: the Study of Ocean as the way of Civilization Development (part I)

Tamaychuk A.N
The Oceanographic Institute of Monaco: the Study of Ocean as the way of Civilization Development (part II)

Yatsenko A.D.
Natural Conditions and Resources Territorial System of Recreation Silvicultural North-Western Azov

Kuchinskaya I.Ya., Ismaylova A.A.
Role of Morfometrical Features of the Relief in Formation of Modern Landscape Complexes of the South-Eastern Slope of the Major Caucasus

Samokhin G.V.
Carbonate Tufa Dolgorukovsky Karst Massifs in the Crimea

Section 2.
Social and Economic Geography

Igor Voronin
Shopping & Entertainment Center as a New Recreation Subject

Miroslav Zayachuk
Social-Geographical Analysis of Farming Economies Development in the Odessa Region

Ischenko Y.D.
The Analysis of Patenting Intensity and the Research of Territorial Organization of Innovative Activity

Sikach Ksenia
Contents of the Term Geocrime Position and Features of its Presentation in Ukraine

Synyaver Ekaterina
Approaches to the Development Model Management System of Regional Mineral Complex

Alexandra Shvets, Natalia Maslova
Electoral Border of Kirovograd Region

I.M. Yakovenko, R.M. Shafiyev
Geographical Aspects of Developing Hunting Sector in Crimea