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Vol. 26 (65), № 1. 2013


Aylikova G., Karpinski Y., Lyaschenko A., Palekha Y., Yanchuk V.
Methodological Issues of Gis Technologies Using in Urban Cadastre

Aileen Buckley
Understanding Statistical Data for Mapping Purposes

Buravlev Y. P., Drich S. K.
Рroject Concept of Gis-Technology of the Orderliness for Social Processes

Burachek V. G., Zacerkovniy V. I., Kryvoberets S. V.
Radiological Monitoring of Contaminated Areas Chernihiv Region Using Gis

Vishnyakov V. Y., Okhariev V. O., Radchuk I. V., Shumeiko V. I.
Gis-Technologies for Decision Making in Context of Water-Resource Management and Ecological Safety of Limnological Ecosystems

Zhuravel M. Y., Klochko T. O., Yaremenko V. V.
Score Technogenic Soil Transformation on Reclaimed Areas Wells

Zamirets O. O., Andreev S. M., Butenko O. S.
The Method of Evaluation of Danger Level on Ski Slopes Using Fuzzy Modelling

Karpenko S. А.
Recreational Micro-Zoning of Crimea as Basis for Assessment of Active Tourism on Natural Complexes of Region

Kovgar V., Pinchuk O.
The Retail Site Selection Modeling with Esri Analytical Tools

Kovgar V. B., Filozof R. S., Savchenko M. O.
Modelling of Epidemiological Processes Using Gis-Technology Esri

Oleshchenko A.V., Solomakha I. V.
Arcgis as a Modeling Basis for the Purposes of Spatial Planning Subject Profile

Patychenko O.
Methodological Issues of Land Information Systems Structuring and Land Information Common Geospatial Model and Urban Planning Gis Use in Normative Land Assessment in Urban Areas on Crimea Cities Example

Pogorelov A. A., Patrakeev I. M.
Modelling the Development of Urban Systems Based On the Theory of Homogeneous Structures

Popova M., Stryzhak O.
Ontological Interface as a Means of Presenting Information Resources in the Gis

Putrenko V. V.
Multi-Scale Cartographic Models of Hazard Analysis and Risk of Emergencies

Tymchuk V. Yu., Galenko I. V.
The Functions of Military Educational and Research Organizations for Realization Smart Defense Concept in Ukraine. The Potential of Sichmilgis Conference

Тomchenko O. V.
The Gis/Rs Technology Based Macrophytes Overgrowing Dynamics Analysis for the Upper Reaches to the Kyiv Water Reservoir

Filozof R. S.
Application of Grid-Spatial Analysis for the Automation of Functional Zoning in Planning the Territory of Republic of Kazakhstan

Shumakov F. T., Azimov O. T.
On the Use of Remote Sensing Data to Assess the Nature of the Influence Khotislav Career on Trophic Status of Lakes Shatsky National Park

Shumeyko V. О.
Interpretation and Mapping by Satellite Images Agricultural Land

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