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Vol. 26 (65), № 2. 2013


Anufriieva E.
Hypothesis of the Origin of Artemia Urmiana (Anostraca, Crustacea) in the Crimea: an Essay of the Paleoreconstruction
Artemia urmiana (Anostraca) is an important link in the evolution of the diversity of Asian populations of Artemia. A. urmiana was considered as an endemic of Urmia Lake long time, but currently it was found in the Crimea and Altai. The origin of this species is widely debated. Using biological and geological data authors substantiate the hypothesis of the origin of species in hypersaline paleo-lakes in the Crimea.

Blaga N.N.
Morphological Features of the Boyka Canyon (South-Western Crimea)
The article concerns the features of relief one of the valleys in the mountain range Boyka in Crimea. Examined morphological and morphogenetic signs that denote erosion genesis and its classification to the type of the canyons. Specify the role of the main relief-forming factors, including fissure.

Bey L.
Тhe Nature of Pollution of Atmospheric Compound of Lviv Urban Ecosystem in the Areas of Road Transport Congestion
The article analyzes the state and nature of pollution of atmospheric compound of big urban ecosystems taking as an example Lviv in 2011 in the areas of influence of different types of highways. The data of Lviv City Council mobile environmental laboratory are used for this. Based on a composed map of spots of selected samples with the most significant car congestion a dimensional data base of air pollution is created. With a help of mathematic statistics methods the level of correlation connections between the compound pollutants and the number of vehicles is estimated. The diagrams of dispersions of pollutants are built. A description of structure of pollution of the atmospheric compound urban ecosystem is made using the facilities of the software ArcView GIS 3.2a and STATISTICA 6.1 and according to which the diagrams of pollutant dispersion are built. It is shown that transport congestion is characterized be conditional and oscillatory changes in time and space. The indicators of air pollution СО, СПЗ, NO2, NO and SO2 are most related to the number of vehicles. Regarding the ratio of car pollutants the most related are the concentrations of СО and NO2, СО and NO, СО and NO. A close connection between the amount of vehicles and concentration of CO and summary indicator of pollution of mixture of substances is established.

Dragan N.A.
Factors of Soils Stability to Anthropogenic Degradation of the Crimea
The anthropogenic factors causing degradation processes in soils were considered in the article. The results of conditions analysis increasing soil stability to degradation were stated. The comparative description of the main soils in the Crimean agriculture was given. The possible solutions to increase soil stability and restoration of soil fertility were identified.

Kuznetsov A.G.
V.I. Vernadsky – Founder of Genetic Mineralogy
Review scientific and educational activities Vernadsky as a mineralogist, analyzed the contribution of the scientist in the creation of genetic mineralogy.

Lukianova M.
Quality of Drinking Water of Great Feodosia Area
Great Feodosia area is remarkable for dry climate and lack of water resources. Quality of drinking water of Great Feodosia is analyzing. Total analysis on 26 indexes was madden for next points of selection: starting water of Feodosiyskoye reservoir; reservoirs of cleaned water on water-cleaning constructions; of Subashsky spring. Research of silt level of Frontovoye and Feodosiyskoye reservoirs was madden to finding the reasons of bad quality of starting water. Researches of technical, technological and ecological condition of watersupplying and water-cleaning systems for drinking aims was madden to find the reasons of constant deviation of drinking water indexes from standard norms.

Memetova R. Sh.
The Ecological Restrictions in the Landscape Planning of the Compact Residing Microdistricts of the Crimean Tatars Population of Simferopol
In this article given the description of the environmental restrictions, considered the types of restrictions in accordance with regulatory and legislative acts, determined what restrictions are characteristic for the compact residing microdistricts of the Crimean Tatars population, and given recommendations to stabilize the situation.

Panin A.G.
The Interaction of Height - Layered and Exposition - Sectoral Elements of Topographic Surface as Basis of the Geosystems Organization on the Example of the Western Crimean Foothills
A scheme of the natural differentiation of topographic surface on many-stage height-layered and expositionsectoral elements, that make a united grid, is presented. The separation in the cells of the grid of topogeosystems of different ranks on the example of the Western Crimean Foothills is shown.

Partyka T. V.
Acid - Base Balance Peculiarities of Buried Peat Soils under Different Types of Vegetation
The acid-base balance (ABB) characteristics of buried peats under forest (alder forest) and meadow cenosis were investigated. In 0-50 cm soil profile maximum content of exchangeable aluminum found in silt deposits – 70-85 mmol (+) · kg-1, further it abruptly drops to 4,8-6,4 mmol (+) · kg-1 in the top 16-20 cm peat layer. ABB of organogenic soil part is more sensitive to the effects of phytogenous factor, compared to silt deposits.

Sinitsyna V. V.
Dynamical Model of Crop Seedling Emergence
Considered the algorithm of developed dynamic model which describes physiological and biochemical processes occurring in seeds during period from sowing to seedling emergence. The structure and the scheme of the model are described in details. The algorithm is implemented on a PC. Performed series of numerical experiments. The model can be used as an input block "weather – crop" model and as an independent model for qualitative and quantitative assessment and prediction of emergence.

Skrebets G.N.
Geographical Principle in the Informative Filling of Cadastre of Sea - Coasts
The questions of determination of coast zone frontiers of cadastre account depending on the natural situation of coast are considered. The approach on optimization of collection and structuring of geographical information in cadastre of sea-coasts are proposed.

Soloviov A. M.
Experience of Multicriteria GIS Modeling of Solar Farms Distribution on Quarries of the Crimea
Prerequisites for the development of solar energy in the Crimea were defined. The problems of open mines restoration were considered. Suitability of open mines for distribution of solar farms was estimated using GIS multicriterial analysis. For this method the following criteria was used: solar radiation values, number of solar hours, distribution of the open mines, transmission lines, roads, protected areas and vegetation.

Voronin I.
Socio - Economic Analysis the Tourist Season in the Crimea
In the article analyze of the tourist season in the Crimea in 2012, identified the main problems, identified the most promising directions of development of tourism in the region.

Garkusha L.J.
Prerequisites for Development of Educational Tourism in the Crimean Foothills
The role of the education sector of tourism at the recreation system is under consideration. Underlines the importance of education tourism in forming ecological worldview of youth. The descriptions of educational tourism resources are taking as example.

Lysenko A.V.
Political and Geographical Aspects of Autonomism in Unitary States of Western Europe
The article examines the legality of autonomous regions of Western unitary states as an indicator of the degree of devolution processes in them.

Ozhegova L.A. , Boryak G.V.
Kerch as Industrial and Recreational Centers: Problems of Modern Development
The article discusses the features of industrial and recreational potential territory of Kerch city council, the problems of their modern development, addresses some aspects of the spatial organization of industrial and recreational and tourism sectors of municipal economy.

Ojegova L.A.
Regional Characteristics of the Crop Production Crimea
The article considers such issues as the main indicators of the crop production Crimea, a spatial analysis of the current state of the crop production Crimea.

Shvets A. B.
Evolution of Public Opinion of Tourists as a Factor of Formation Recreational Image of Crimea
On the article on basis of comparative analysis of public opinion polls of tourists of Crimearevealsfeatures of formation characteristics that form the image of the region. Specifies the evolution of the role of different information'ssources about the Crimea and recreation opportunities on the peninsula, affecting the formation of his image. Analyzes assessment the main characteristics of recreational flow in Crimea.