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Vol. 27 (66), № 1, 2014

Bokov V.A.
Statistic Nature of Landscape Systems

Amelichev G. N., Iepikhin D. V., Prokopov G. A.
Aunlar Tract as a Potential Object of Natural Reserve Fund of Crimea

Blaga N.N., Volkhin D.A., Kadraliev U.S., Kalashnikov D.A.
Mushroom-Shaped Earth-Pillar in the Foothill of Crimea

M.V. Kuznetsov, T.M. Kruk
Geographical Features of Tourism Development on the Plains

Oliferov A.N.
Desert Flows on the Black Sea

Goncharova N. G.
Territorial Organization of System of the General Education of the Crimea

N.F. Lazitska, I.M. Yakovenko
World Trends of Diving Development

Ozhegova L.O
Spatial Features of Development of sun Energy: Global and Regional Aspects

Panin A.G.
Analysis Research Professor P.D. Podgorodetskay in Historical Geography Physical Crimea

Kholoptsev A.V., Astafieva D. A.
Change of Climatic Norm Monfly Sums of Precipitation in the SW and W Crimia, as Well as Surface Temperature Anomalies of Black Sea Regons and Mideterranean Sea in Winter Months ib 1950-2012

Chudinova L. S.
Problem of Geostrategic Studying of Territorial Medico-Geographical System of the Crimea