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Vol. 27 (66), № 2, 2014


Section 1.
Physical Geography and Geoecology

L.A. Bagrova, K.S.Zmerzlaya, A. S.-A.Masinov
«Green» Energy in the Garden and Park Complex

Bokov V.A.
Role of Locations in Formation Landscape-Geophysical Differentiation at the Local Level

Vakhrushev I.B.
Geo-ecological analysis landscape uniques(for example limestone massifs southern coast of the Crimea) for the purposes of recreation and conservation
In recent years, tourism and recreation activities are actively involved unique natural, historical and cultural sites. The discusses about technique and methodology of geo-environmental analysis of such objects as the basis for their subsequent management of recreational use and protection are consist this article. As an example, taken the limestone massifs of the Southern Coast of the Crimea. Conducted geo-ecological analysis of these complex landscape monuments SCC allowed objectively to estimate their resource and recreational potential, outline ways of tourism and environmental use.

Yergina E.I., Miroshnichenko I.A.
The Oretical and Methodological Background of the Red Book Soils Crimea

Ergina E. I., Revina Y. S.
The Soils of Chater-Dag's Plateau in a Role of Perspective Objects of the Red Book of Crimea Soils

Kagirov A.G., Kalashnikov D.A., Romanenko S.V.
Measuring Electrochemical Impedance Resistance Using Miniaturized Two-Electrode Conductivity Cell

Mykhailov V.A.
Free and Detached Coastal Accumulative Forms of Sivash Bay

Panov B. N., Spiridonova E. O., Alferova M.A.
Characteristic Features of Weather Conditions in Kerch Region for 2013 Year

Panov B.N., Spiridonova E.O., Panov D.B.
The Impact of Transshipment Freights and Dredging at the Kerch sea Trading Port on Pollution its Own Water Area by Compounds of Heavy Metals and oil Products

Stepsons A.A., Sotskova L.M., Shepherd V.I.
Environmental Problems of ConservAtion and Sustainable use Balneological Resources of Salt Lakes of the Crimea

Pozachenyuk E.A., Ergina E.I., Oliferov A.N., Mikhailov V.A., Vlasova A.N., Kudrjan’ E.A., Penno M.V., Kalinchuk I.V.
Analysis of Factors of the Salgir River's Water Resources Formation Under the Condition of Climate Changing

Pozachenyuk E.A., Tabunshchik V.A.
Landscape Planning Area of Dzhankoysky Region of Crimea Republic

Rulev A. S., Yuferev
The GIS Mapping of the Natural Transition Zones (Ecotones)

Samokhin G.V.
Concept of “Deepest karst caves”

Skrebets G.N., Bystrova N.V.
Water Protection Zones and Coastal Protective Strip of the Coast of South-Eastern Crimea

Kholoptsev A.V., Nikiforova M.P.
Forecasting of Mean Annual Heat Content Changes in North Atlantics Upper Layer  Having Regard to Global Factors Influence

Section 2.
Social and Economic Geography

Bagrova L. A.
P.D. Podgorodetsky and Recreational Geography.

Glybchenko M.P.
Applicability of Geo-Marketing Approach in the Retailers and Service Objects Dislocation

Chudinova L.
Geographical Content of Effective Performance of Territorial Medical Geographical Systems

I.M. Yakovenko, N.F. Lazitskаyа
Geographical Trends of sea Cruise Tourism